Monday, December 26, 2011

No spoiling necessary.

I can honestly say that was the best Xmas ever.

Mi esposo loves Xmas, and he even thought this was the best one yet.

We all know how I feel about it, so for me to say it was great, it must've been.

We got to experience this 'special time' in a really beautiful way.

While people were running around with their, 'We have to see you before Xmas!!' faces on, Papi and I were here at home enjoying each others company with some very loving people.

Our closest friends came by on Xmas eve, and it was too perfect of a visit.

That was of course, after I finally got some food and pain killers into me.  I was a bit of a hag at the beginning of the hang out.

You see, earlier on, Papi and I did have to run out and grab a last minute gift for my newly teenaged nephew.  The last minute gift for the teen who is impossible to buy for.

On Xmas day, Papi and I braved the masses to go feed some of the cats from my love's cat sitting business.

The cats don't give a shit that it's Xmas.

They just want food.

After the critters were fed, my baby sister and her family came by and donned us with a wonderful day.

We had snacks for them and even I indulged in a bit of sugar.

and yes ... i feel like crap for it ...

However, the best part of the day, was when I moved on to Plan B and dragged my drugged up brain to the attic and found my books of Xmas carols.

He had asked me if I would play carols for him a few days ago, but didn't think that I'd remember.  Mi esposo doesn't know that I will take any opportunity to play my beloved ebony and ivory.

As I played, the strangest thing happened; I enjoyed playing the carols.  I suppose it's because Papi liked them.

As my love was resting, I sent him love with every finger that caressed every white bone key.

Occasionally, when I play, I thank the elephants that were robbed of their tusks back in 1910 when this amazing Heintzman was built.

Yet yesterday, I played every note for my love.

Every lingering note was dragged out to allow each sound wave to reach Papi's heart.

Mi esposo loved it, and admitted to singing along.  These songs that I dread every year became something peaceful and soothing.

Our Xmas was the best one yet, and neither of us missed the spoiling we have engaged in with years gone past.

We enjoyed the happiness that we were both feeling.

Well, my gratitude list is working.

Is yours?

There's still a few more days to go to leave our Xmas Meltdown behind and let our New Year begin.

I'm grateful I can play musical instruments, and use them to bring joy to others.

I'm grateful for this wonderful weekend that was filled with love.

I'm grateful for the Fuzzy Family and all the entertainment they bring.

I'm grateful for my generous sister and mother who really helped me feel good about receiving for a change.

I'm grateful to the pain killers that sent my bitch of a back packing, helping me enjoy the visits without the annoying wincing.

I'm grateful that my love is slowly getting colour back in his face, and the energy to terrorize me.

I'm just grateful for this life.  I'm grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly, because all of my experiences are what make me who I am.

Happy, strong and loving.


  1. Glad you had a great day.

    I am grateful that the church people bought me a gift. A wrist watch, haha which is soon to be traded :)

    I am grateful that i knew what to expect from last year, so i wasn't surprised and had my blog to work on when i needed to escape.

    I am grateful for youtube, because i found good music an funny vids.

    I am grateful for google and G+, i found a lot of good websites to visit.

    I am grateful for love even if it hurts because that shows I am human.

    I am grateful for New Years resolutions because 2012 is going to be so awesome ♥ plus my birthday is Jan.2

    I am glad your day went well and thanks for everything I have learned from reading your blog. ♥

  2. alex! these were awesome!! i'm so glad i now know your birthday!! 2012 IS going to be a great one ... love you xo


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