Friday, December 9, 2011

Papi's birthday blog.

It's Papi's birthday, so I must do his bidding.

My love said, "You've been slacking on your blog these days."  My love decided that my punishment should be to double up on blogs to make 'you', my imaginary friend, happy.

I've been working on the latest film score for David C. Jones and I'm enjoying myself!

However, my brain doesn't work so well after I've been composing.


I've got nothing to say.

I've got nothing to talk about.

I didn't see the light of day for one moment today.  It's crazy that I even got out of my pajamas.

Who was I trying to impress?!?

Certainly not Psycho Kitty.

he's slowly becoming a better friend ... but that's another blog ...

Anyway, all day I sat in sweats.

that's in between stretching, dropping pain meds and doing the 'let's move around' thing after every hour ...


I didn't say I got dressed for the Academy Awards!  I just got out of my pajamas.

I really got out of them because these specimens are my clown pajama pants.
They really look like I should be wearing a foam red nose and shoes ten times bigger than my size.

Well, I had the slippers that could emulate big clown feet.
I call them my lobster slippers.

Then there's my classy t-shirt I don when in pajamas.

It's a sweet sentiment from my friends from my bridal shower.
Anyway, there's nothing really to talk about other than the fact that this attire doesn't paint a picture of a composer.

That is of course not for this score.

This film has some chuckles, but it's not really the 'clown' kinda film that would go with the outfit.

So, here I sat in sweats.

Because that's just so much sexier.
Happy birthday Papi.


  1. Happy birthday, Papi! Nice cake. :)

  2. CUTE! And btw, you look great in sweats!

  3. @vee ... papi had a nice b'day, but it should've been a little more fun ... he had to rest ...

    @bio, why thank you lol!

  4. I love your classy t-shirt especially someone wrote don't go to bed hungry haha

  5. lol! isn't it awesome alex? it's not something i could wear in public, but it gets the rounds here at bed time xo


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