Sunday, December 4, 2011

Say Uncle!!

Sometimes I like to harass my Tranny Terrorist in return for his antics.

Things have been very quiet on the Tranny Terrorist front lately.  It's hard to get in any kind of trouble from your La-Z-Boy while healing from a hysterectomy.

"Here try it!" I said.  I wanted my love to try my sugar-free coconut water, because I thought it would taste like a Pina Colada.  "I put it in my protein shake and it tastes awesome!"

I'll try anything to get my love to eat properly and find treats in healthy foods.

Well, Papi tried my shake, and for a moment I thought it was a hit.  However, aftertaste kicked in and the face of "OMG that's awful!!" was fully animated and I had my very own giggle-fest.

Papi asked me, "Did you do that on purpose because of the piano thing I did to you?" 

i would never do something like that Papi ... hehehe ...

Honestly though, it was a little bit of payback for the trick my Tranny Terrorist tried to play on me.

You see, my love almost put his protein shake on my piano.

Well, you don't put anything moist on my piano and live to tell the story.

ask the guy i once slammed against the wall who pissed himself in fear ...

I jumped at mi esposo bearing fangs and claws sharper than a cheetah, "Fuck no!!!!!!"  I growled.

That's when I saw the twinkle in Papi's eyes, followed by, "I knew I'd get a reaction, but I didn't think it would be so fast!"

Yes Papi, you got me, but I got you to swallow healthy food.

I think I win.


Papi is starting to feel better and is getting his Tranny Terrorist mojo back, and I appreciate it, because I am going to need my distraction from that dastardly time we call x-mas.

I didn't think we'd be doing anything, but we will be going to my baby sister's house for brunch, then dinner with Papi's aunts.  Our day will be full of family.

When I spoke to my baby sister about the x-mas plans, she had such a sweet story to tell me.  She had told my niece about mi esposo and the male transformation.

The reaction from my niece was probably the most amazing comeback I could ever imagine.

"Really?"  She asked excitedly, "That's soooo cool!!!  Now I get to have an uncle!"

Yes, I suppose you do.

Then there was the talk about my love's caterpillar moustache and my sis had this to say:  "Oh that's perfect!  Because your nephew has the same thing, so they can go through puberty together."

While my love and I waded through the frenzied shoppers trying to get their deals, we spoke about how lucky we are that we have family members who love and accept us for who we are, who we love, and allow us to be who we wish to be.

It was a beautiful day.

Music, love and a movie with my 'rough around the edges friends' called, 'Tomboy', that I really recommend you see if you can find it.

Oh, and a wheat free power cookie.

That was the topper.


  1. Just been having a catch up read - bloody hell ! Am never going to catch up after my holiday, by the time I get back I wouldn't be surprised to find a whole new chapter in the lives of the Hector Browns had started and finished lol.

    Anyway I have a very busy week ahead of me now, am leaving Thurs night to stay at friends as we are going very early Fri morning, so I will wish you and Papi a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now in case I don't get round to reading again. 'See' you when I get back, luv ya xxx

  2. How many carbs in the wheat free power cookie, please?...oh sorry...momentarily distracted by thoughts of food...
    Very funny post! I love your nieces reaction and your sister's to the caterpillar mustache thing. Be grateful Papi isn't growing a big bushy mustache yet, you didn't have to go through the whole "Movember" stach is bigger than your stach...

  3. dirty!! have a lovely xmas time ... i'm behind on my catch up too ... so i'll have to do the same my dear xo

    @sandra, i don't think you need to know about how many carbs. i don't have to count them to know it's allllllll bad lol!

  4. Hmmmmm.......not so sure about wheat-free cookies but the coconut water sounds delightful!

  5. you gotta try it in a protein shake ... soooooo good!!!!


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