Saturday, December 24, 2011

no surprises!! ever!!

Papi and I had an epic fail yesterday.

I finally got some income and decided to get a few snacks for the visitors we'll be seeing this weekend.  A couple of our closest friends will be coming by here on this eve of Xmas, and my baby sister and family will be coming by on Xmas day.

I thought I could at least get my love some cashews as a token gift, considering we haven't had a penny to spend on each other, and it's something I could grab fast just to give my love a treat to open.

However, I'll have to go with Plan B.

I announced, "I'm going up to the store to grab some snacks and comfort food to get us through the next few days.  What would you like me to get you?"

My love got ready to come along, so I reassured Papi, "You don't have to come if you don't want to.  Maybe you just need to rest?"

Papi replied, "No, I'm good to go."

"No really sweety, I think you should rest."

Mi esposo looked at me sideways and said, "Were you going to surprise me with something?"


There are no surprises for Papi ever!  I try so hard, and as soon as my love asked this, my face gave it away.

Papi knew, because I'm no good at lying!

So damn, I thought we'd go together and get my love anything he wants, because I on this day I can.

We got some treats that we like and some snacks for our friends.  Not too much.  We only need to cover a few days.

We toddled up to the local grocery store, Stong's Market.

This is the kinda store where the local rich folks shop at without consciousness of how much they're spending.  I'm an avid bargain hunter, so this stroked my fur the wrong way, but there was not much open at 9:30 p.m. when my cheque finally came through last night.

We went to the till with our goodies and when the total came up, we both looked at each other like we'd been robbed at gunpoint.

$110 for 'a few' snacks.

We live in the wrong neighbourhood for our current financial means, where one person finally got Long Term Disability, and the other is still waiting for the medical EI from the surgery 2 months ago.

But we paid up and left feeling assaulted.

My love didn't get his Xmas cashews, but he got his Xmas Mario's Gelati Hedgehog ice cream.

I got my Coconut Bliss Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge 'ice cream'.

And now, the time has come to sit around and eat really fattening food for 2 days.

Not to mention the zits that will come with this truck load of yummies.

But it's ok.

Because I'm happy today.

Are you still keeping up with your gratitude?  One more week of positive thinking and this 'special time' will all be over.

I'm grateful for feeling happy.

I'm grateful to have received income so I can eat comfort food.

I'm grateful for the sweet stranger in the gym locker room yesterday, who is on the same venture of thinking positively during this 'special time'.

I'm grateful for this computer that I can use as a vessel for my creativity.

I'm grateful for my beautiful, antique, Heintzman piano that I'll be playing for a few days while there's nothing but Xmas carols bombarding every air wave that exists.

I'm grateful for my awesome aunts who are so full of love and make me feel supported.

I'm grateful that My Boifriend is here this weekend, even if he's too busy to see me.

I'm grateful for the confidence I had to write to one of my favourite film makers and tell him I want to make music for his films, because our lives are too short to let our fear of rejection get the better of us.


  1. I am grateful you have a blog to read so I can know how you are doing ♥

  2. This is the first Christmas I haven't spoiled myself or you and I kinda like it. Thousands of $ of gifts really aren't needed to be happy and I think I needed to learn this. So that is one of the most important gifts I have ever gotten.

  3. :) sweety, this is so wonderful xo


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