Friday, December 30, 2011

So Queer!

I didn't get to write to 'you', my imaginary friend, yesterday.

To tell you the truth, I was too busy with my hair.


That's right.

My hair.

Hair day 2011.  The roots were pretty disastrous and my frazzled ends were a fire hazard of natty dreads.

Anyway, to get my trim and roots done, it takes 4 hours.

grateful again for pain killers ...

So I was a bit busy.

Then, I came home to my dearest Papi not feeling so hot.


Poor thing couldn't get the goods outta the back door and now it's coming out in droves.

Sharts to be exact.

We don't want to make Papi laugh at inopportune moments.  It might mean there's an emergency toilet visit, along with donning of clean drawers.

Anyway, as we were relaxing together, I happened to see something really fancy.

Yes, folks, I am listed as one of the ten top queers in Vancouver.

Pretty fucking shwanky I'd say.

Shwanky enough, in fact, that my love took a break from Sims-O-Rama-Banana-Fana-Ding-Dong-Land to talk to friends about it.

Today, while I was sitting in that chair at the my hair stylist's salon, Moods, and I was thinking, "Damn!  I always get my hair done when there's nowhere to go show it off."

As much as I didn't get my Golden Globe moment from my fancy hairdo, it was like I was virtually given an opportunity to brag.

You have to have good hair in order to brag.  That and a really good lipstick shade.

I also am in regrets every time I go, because I never remember to get a picture of my Honky 'Fro in my foils.  It's truly a sight to marvel at.

So much so, that while my ringlets have been separated and combed out into a nasty Honky 'Fro from hell, people will stop at the salon window, point and stare.

I just smile a great, silvery, Brace Face smile.

Now I owe you 2 pictures!  One for my straight hair, and one for my foil head.

It's not that I'm lazy, I'm just too slow on the draw.

Anyway, I had good hair to accept my place as one of the top ten queers in Vancouver.

I'm a super something now!  Not just one of The Hector-Browns!

Only 2 days left until we say goodbye to 2011 and be grateful for our year that has passed, and made us who we are.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

I'm grateful that today I feel emotionally better than I did 2 days ago.

I'm grateful that I live in a part of the world where I am so privileged, that I can have a pampering day.

I'm grateful for my Fuzzy Family, who keep me realizing what the only important things in life are food, love and shelter.

I'm grateful to be supported by my friends, who help me feel worthy.

I'm grateful that I laugh, almost every single day.


  1. A that is fucking awesome! Wow! How great to be recognizzed for all you are doing in the queer community. Your words inspire:D

  2. jamie, i don't think i've ever felt so proud. this has really made all my difficulties worth it.

    my silver lining just keeps shining.


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