Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Facebook Stalker:

It's so beautiful here in the land of lush.

It's always brutal to get through the rude stares of people in the airport.  It always seems that this is where the coddled people of the world come out.

what? you've never seen a tranny before? close your fucking mouth ... and yes that IS the stink eye death stare i'm giving you.

It's such a strange experience being in a building with people from all over the world and such different places in life.

We drove to Seattle, where one of the sweetest, most generous friends from the Trust List gave us a ride to the airport.  She seemed to think that we could just show up a half hour before the flight and we'd be fine.

Damn good thing Papi and I are anxiety ridden.  We made sure we got a move on, and damn!  That check out point is where all your time goes.

not sure why the lady chose ME to give the pat down and swiping of hands to look for bomb material ... nobody else got the special attention ... maybe she thought i was cute

We flew from Seattle over the clouds to Newark ...

i always wanna call it norwalk 

... and when we got to our first hotel, it was full.  We were directed next door.  They had a room for us at the lovely Sheraton circa 1980.

While waiting to check in, who's the entertainment on the tv?  Chaz Bono.


I may be on vacation, but I'm still forced to face my tranny issues.

Apparently, his wife had a hard time dealing with this as well.  I'm finding the only femmes who don't, are either a Tranny Chaser or Rah-Rah Tranny.

Anyway, Chaz's wife started drinking again to deal with the pain.  I'm so grateful that I chose THIS route to walk my way to healing.

One strange thing that I've really noticed about the Dominican Republic, is the interest the men here have for Papi.  They look at my love with lust that I have never seen by any of the gawking critters that look at mi esposo with that stare of 'wtf'?

Honestly though, I can't tell who they're more leering towards; the tranny or the blonde.  Don't come on to me.  Go ahead and stare, but dammit, keep your paws and words to yourself.

Seriously though, a couple of times, I really felt like telling some of these men to back off my butch!  So strange how they feel this animalism towards Papi, but honestly?  I'd rather have that than the homophobia we experienced in the airport.

Here's where it gets fucked up for me though.

Papi has a Facebook admirer.

The first Tranny Chaser.

Oh fuck ya.

Here it comes.

Seriously you bitches.  You might be lovin' the Papi cuteness, but you so much as lay a hand on my love, and all that anger that I'm feeling about my love morphing from that beautiful butch I married into the tranny I don't know, will be served on a platter of pain.

Trust me.

I'm not normally a jealous person, I mean really, I can't make anyone love me and if Papi falls out of love with me, I would have to accept it.  But if you Tranny Chasers think you'll be able to move on in because you like what you see, you'll painfully witness everything I've been through for the past 5 months.

YOU don't get to move on in after all i've gone through to fight for my love.

I hated seeing this jealous side of me come out.

Papi?  "I kinda liked it.  I've never seen you jealous.  It's good to know you'd fight for me."

maybe i should be wearing the secret Tranny Lover t-shirt

Yes my love.  I adore you more than the awesome local Dominican coffee I'll be experiencing tomorrow morning.

You're all mine, with cream and sugar.


  1. Oh dear, don't be taking the green eyed monster on holiday.

    Luckily there are no elephants in the carribean lol.

    Have fun xxx

  2. Do you want me to bring in the Swat Team? Just say when sweetie.
    Stay safe and have fun!

  3. dirty, the green eyed monster left. i'm feeling much better now that the bathing suit is on and the pretty is back :)

    psycho, i will give word. you 'n me babe

  4. I told you Dominican ppl are pretty open-minded! Have fun out there!

  5. rafa they most certainly are the nicest folks.

    very relaxed ... on slow motion ... makes us slow down too :)


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