Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kids with guns?

I am so happy to be in the warm.  My injuries are so grateful.

The crests of the ocean dance with me, bobbing up and down, pulling me further into the barren blue.  Yet I am not a mermaid, so I must resist against being taken from Papi, into the sea forever.

I feel closest to nature when I'm in an ocean that moves me.  This is a force that I could never battle.

Oh, last night's dinner was something else.

The first thing that greeted us at the restaurant door was a full pig on a platter.


Head and all.

I haven't been vegetarian for over 10 years now, but that almost threw me back into the world of tofu.

Even my fish still had a head on it.  I looked into it's eye and apologized, "I'm so sorry, but I need to eat, and it wasn't me who killed you."

I had pumpkin soup that was so good I will never be able to eat squash soup in Vancouver again.

Papi is having troubles with showing breasts.  I didn't think I'd ever see the day when my love would feel the inability to bare those beautiful peaks.

My love has been wearing a tank top into the water and on the beach.  "I just don't want to show them."

I suppose it's because my love now sees the end is coming for them and they'll never be in the way again.  Now mi esposo won't be mistaken for a woman until they hear the more feminine than masculine voice.

People do call Papi 'sir' until they hear that voice, then look down and see breasts.  Now, they'll still be confused, but will probably stick with the male pronouns.

Ronnie, the towel boy said, "Your friend there, how long you both stay?"

I replied, "Papi's mi esposo and we'll be here for 2 weeks."

Ronnie was confused, "Esposo or esposa?"

"Esposo," I said, with an extra emphasis on the 'o' to be sure he got it.

"That is your husband?"

"Pretty much."

Papi laughed when I told the story.  We both know that Ronnie will now be talking about this with everyone and they will soon figure out what's going on.

good ... figure it out for yourselves and don't ask me any more questions ... i'm on holiday

However, on the way to the pool, after our wonderful play date with the waves, a man came walking up and looked at Papi and said, "Oh, beautiful!"  He was enthralled with my love.  As I said before, I'd much rather have that than homophobia.

It's perfect weather here.  My all time favourite temperature.  Wind will take the edge off of the sun for small moments, then the heat will return to warm my muscles and heal my wounds.

I never did tell you about the car ride to the resort.

We got stopped at a light and some teen boys ran toward the car crouching down disguising objects in their hands as they approached.  They were hell bent for our vehicle and we knew it.

Papi cried, "Lock your doors!!  For the love of god!!"

I yelled, "Fuck they've got guns!  Those kids have fucking guns!!"

They ran straight for our windows as my heart pounded with fear.

They started cleaning our windshield.

No guns.  Only deprived kids who need to earn money with sponges and soap.

I pointed at the brat though my side window and said, "Malo!"  Then I shook my finger at him and he giggled with that smirk that says, 'you know love me.'

Papi gave them a dollar and that was it.  They weren't leaving until they got more.  I tried to tell them to bugger off but they ignored me, continuing to prod Papi for more cash.

kids know the sucker ... always ...

Finally, the light turned green, and we drove off laughing about it ever since.

It was so ridiculous, but honestly, it really did look like they were coming in to hijack our car.

Paranoid much?


  1. LOL


    That all I got to say :)

  2. if you were in Arizona, those would be guns. Damn I miss good food! Puerto Rican and Dominican food are very similar. I would've eaten the HELL out of that pig I'm not kidding! HAH!

  3. the food tonight was awesome rafa!

    oh the fish ... i must've eaten half a fish on my own!

    i'll get to the pork ... just give me a few days to get the visual of them cutting into the pig's ass out of my mind lol!

  4. ACK! I would not have been able to eat anything after seeing the pig and fish with heads still on. :(
    Glad I found your blog...newest follower.
    My partner is often confused for a "sir" as well..and prefers it ... it's a very interesting colorful world we live in.

  5. Oh the delightful and glorious food! Relax sweetie, holidays remember?
    Enjoy the banquet, head and all! That's how we roll. hahaha

  6. @holly: welcome my newest friend :) so good to know another of my people out there

    @psycho: i still haven't eaten the pork lol!!!! but i've been enjoying the fish ... and the shrimp! oh man i'm eating well :)


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