Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dominican Time.

I'm on Dominican time.

I'm very much in recline mode.

In our slow mod, we took a drive to Santiago and on the way, we saw chickens crossing the road. 

yes ... we laughed at the joke

People don't use turn signals to pass here, they just honk to let you know they're coming, or put on their left turn signal to tell you to pass them. 

get off my ass shit head ... i'm on dominican time!

Donkeys stand at the side of the road waiting for their person to come get them for work.

Our lights go out intermittently in our room during the evenings.  We give up on waiting for them to come back on and fall asleep, but then are awoken by them coming back on.  We've asked what's up with it, but they look at us with that dumfounded look, "Really?  Has this happened more than once?"

Just laugh.  It's the way it is here.

But there are a few things I find difficult.  The cock fighting is something that I really can't handle.  Fortunately, I don't have to go in and watch, but to see it advertised at the side of the road is brutal.

Then there's the dead animals hanging in tiny, off-road, tin roof shacks.  Buy your dead chicken, goat, pig or whatever you want for dinner at the side of the road. 

not this femme ...  i don't want to see where my neatly packaged food came from originally

People SWARM your car trying to sell you things.  Mostly fruit.  You know, if we lived here, I might buy it, but when you don't have cutlery, it's a little hard to deal with a pineapple or mangoes without the proper utensils.

There was some entertainment.  Today, when we were at the 'mall', a young man asked Papi in Spanish, "Are you a man or a woman?"

I replied for mi esposo as my love's Spanish is abysmal, "Papi is both."

The confused young man said, "Ah!  Lesbiana!  I'm ok," he said with a casual shrug. 

i'm glad you think it's ok ... i might not have slept knowing you didn't think it was

When we walked away, my love informed me that while we were here, just to identify mi esposo as a woman. 

ah for fucks sakes! i'm just trying so hard to please my love, and i got it wrong.

But Papi explained, "As long as people can still see these breasts sticking out everywhere, we'll just confuse people, so how about we just say I'm a woman?"

Fine my love.  I'm just so confused, I will continue how I always have.

No pronouns.


Just Papi, mi esposo, my love.

Oh, on a side note, I got myself some damn hot, hoochie mama jeans and a pair of short shorts that all the smokin' girls here wear.

Hell fucking ya!

They make jeans here for girls with junk in the trunk.  None of these ridiculous jeans and shorts for anorexia assed women in North America.

Ass like a damn melon over here!

And the sales girls said, "Ah!  Mamasita!  Buennnnno!"


I fit in nicely here.


  1. I bet you look cute in your shorts and jeans!

  2. Love that sales girl! We need the sales girls up here to say something to that effect in Canada. When I was in Kenya, I loved being called "Mama!"
    Glad you're chillin' sounds so...ummm...rustic though.

  3. Oh yeah. It's all about curves, love, where you are now. Lol! More to love so they say.

  4. Love it, you are having a lot of fun :)

  5. @gayle, my shorts are so cute! and they bloody well FIT :)

    @sandra, i wanted to take that girl along with us to canada lol! good for the ego :)

    @psycho, i got 'em. they are here. baby got back

    @girly, i am indeed ... i really am xo


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