Friday, May 20, 2011


So, today we looked at property in a place called Sosua.

The area is a tourist trap, but it's accessible and easy for foreigners to live in.

It looks feasible that we'll actually be able to afford to live here comfortably.  At first I thought I would have to grow a lot of veggies and get a goat to make my own cheese and dairy, but the realtor told me about all the little farms in the area that sell it to me and I'll get inexpensive food, along with supporting their farm.

This I like.

I want nothing more than to support the people here.

yes ... even the little buggers who swarm our car ... 

I'll get to know people as well by being a patron of their farm, and this is appealing to me.  I want to know how to be of service to people here if I'm going to live on their beautiful healing land.

I'll tell you though, the rules here are a bit wild.

You'll find mothers riding bitch on the back of a scooter, and they'll have their bambino tucked under one arm riding side saddle.

It's so common!

Another common occurrence?

Propane tanks being delivered by 100 cc motorcycles.


One guy today almost lost his container and all I could think was, we're going to fucking blow up.

I got the fear of propane drilled into me as a professional bus driver.  I forgot that there needs to be something to actually LIGHT the propane on fire in order for it to explode, but none-the-less, I was in fear.

I definitely need to find a way to get my hair to obey in this humidity.

The Honky 'Fro is LOOSE!

Well, I'm a blonde again, but you get the idea.

They have a section in the hair aisle for afro hair.  I'm so damn happy!!  A fucking SECTION!!  Not just an option like we occasionally get, but a whole area dedicated to wild hair.

I had to use Papi's glue to hold my hair down today.  I got sick of the 80's look going on over here.

I went into a music store to check out their selection of bass guitars, but they really have little to choose from, and the ones they do have are not really what I'd prefer.  So, it looks like I'll be bringing mine along with me.

sorry baby ... my basses are coming along for the journey ...

Sitting in the sun takes away my pain.

Locals smiling at me takes away my fear.

Searching for homes with my love takes away my stress.

A new life to live here in the Dominican will be all I need to take a breath of our future.


I just have to remember that when I want to say 'I'm hungry' that I don't mistakingly say 'I have man'.

Hombre?  Hambre?

Small difference in lettering, big difference in sound.

What they don't realize, is both are true.





  1. Well, at least you won't need to buy lotion anymore. Actually nevermind I think that only happens to me. Everytime I go to Puerto Rico I no longer need lotion. I also don't need my asthma inhaler in the carribean. It really is the perfect climate. After you get acclimated you won't even sweat in the heat anymore either. Your trip sounds awesome, I'm crazy jealous. You two seriously needed that. You two are pretty amazing.

  2. @rafa: i went without lotion today and damn if i didn't bubble up my skin on my forearms goddamit!!

    @psycho: tengo MUCHO hambre lol!

  3. just don't forget the granny annex for me :)


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