Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tomorrow is a great day.






I'm earning my holiday that's for sure.  10 hour shifts are rough for this aching body that hasn't been working for 2 and a half years.

I so miss 'you', my imaginary friend.

I feel my time with you is being squashed by that four letter word.

Say it with me and say it loud.


It truly is a four letter word.

In 24 hours, I'll be officially on holiday and on my way to the Dominican Republic.  I'm so looking forward to the warm.

But mostly, I'm just looking forward to quality time with Papi, processing time for The Countdown, and relaxation.

I wish I had more to say, but honestly, there won't even be dinner tonight.

Bed beckons.

I can't wait to speak to you from some airport somewhere.  I have no idea where our first stop is.


But you'll be there with me.

Oh,  by the way, May 11th is my sobriety date.  Tomorrow I'll be 12 years clean 'n sober.

Life is good.


  1. goodnight Andréa and congrats on your 12 year sobriety.


  2. i miss you alex :(

    i'll be chatting to you soon ... and thank you for the well wishes xoxo

  3. I remember there was a period of my life when I didn't drnk or take ANY drugs for like 11 years..then on my 12th birthday...

    JK. That's pretty good yo 12 years!

    Have fun dancing Merengue!

  4. lol rafa!

    i must say, it is hard going to an all inclusive when the drinks are flying and so are the people.

    but i always remember ... the fun they have when drinking is NOT the fun i had.


    i was a cranky, miserable drunk lol!


  5. Woop Woop !!!

    Have a wonderful holiday - you deserve it, hopefully you'll blow some of them clouds away under sunny blue skies :)
    Congrats on your anniversary.

    Looking forward to pics that are gonna make me very jealous xx

  6. i am so proud of you. for so many reasons, not just the sobriety. that is huge, but you are so much more than that. and i love you. have a good vacation, and i can't wait to talk to you again.

  7. 12 years! Wow! Have a great vacation. I'll be thinking about you. A well deserved time away. I'll try not to be too jealous.

  8. Remember to keep your camera with you on the plane...those dam baggage handler, thieves! I want to see pics when you get back. Lord knows, I will never get there. :(
    Have a most wonderful time!!!

    And congrats on 12 yrs! :)

  9. :) thanx all for your love ... i'll chat to you soon as my eyes actually stay open xoxo

  10. dirty and psycho, we just started taking pics today :)

    took a day to get into the swing of it, considering the day and a half it took to get here lol!

    there will be pics :) just as soon as we have some to give you xo


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