Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There's another girl in our bed ...

Sorry I haven't written for a few days.  We've been a bit distracted in the house.

For the past 2 nights, we've had a visitor sleeping over.

It's not The Yank, our honorary room mate.

No, this one has been sleeping in bed with Papi and I, and our king size bed no longer seems to have room.

She's a bit of a space hog and sprawls herself under the covers with us.

The first night she stayed it wasn't so bad, because Papi and The Golden were at work, so it was ok to starfish around her and find my space.

The 2nd night however, it was The World's Loudest Snorer, The Golden, Sir Bark-A-Lot and The Bastard Prince all up in the bed.

Oh, you know what I forgot mention?

Papi and I are supposed to be sleeping in that bed too.


We're all going to fit in this bed.

The Mrs. was the only intelligent animal and stayed in the living room, where she had all the space she could ask for.

As much as I had no sleep last night, The World's Loudest Snorer is a doll to have around.  I love her!

I adore her strong personality.  I also adore the drama queen posing she does for the camera.

I mean really.


is the rest of the clan posing.


... is The World's Loudest Snorer's posing.

You can see why I'd adore her.

I really thought by tucking her in to her own couch, with a pillow and a teddy skunk, she'd just want to stay there and live a lap of luxury.

I was wrong.

As soon as we got settled, she hopped up into the bed and started pushing Papi over to my side of the bed, until eventually, I was forced out.

She's only here for a few days and it's been so much fun having a bundle of strength as my bathroom buddy.

I will never have to fear being lonely on the loo.

Honestly, does it really look like all those animals could fit on a kingsize bed with 2 people and another cat who thinks he's a dog?


Not to me either.

That's why right now I'm writing to you from the La-Z-Boy, and it's almost 6 a.m. and I haven't slept yet.

Of course, I'll have to edit this tomorrow after I upload pictures as well, so it will be a little neater than this disarry I'm currently staring at.

**update ... i made it through the day ... though my brain hasn't quite caught up to me ... i'll be back soon with my usual musings **

The bedroom door will be closed tonight to ensure sleep happens.

I will find my mind tomorrow.


  1. Just awwwwwww.

    And I thought it was bad having to share my king size with two cats. Although it's the other one who stays downstairs that comes and howls at me in the morning.

  2. Ps I wonder how many of your lurkers will read this expecting something entirely different lol.

  3. lmao! i know that lurkers would assume at first.

  4. That's a sweet story, Andrea. Love those photos! :)

  5. these critters make me smile :) even if they do rob me of my sleep xo

  6. Very cute! My cat is a horrid sleeping companion, but oh so cute.

  7. I love that they are with you in the bathroom too, they love you so much ♥ Cute pictures.

    It is me and my teddy in my bed and we just cuddle up all nite :)

  8. @amelia, i don't know how they think that it is THEIR bed!!!!

    @alex, i'm never, ever lonely in the loo ... we didn't get the cats in there too ... yeah ... it's a jam packed teeny little bathroom. standing room only.

  9. Haha... This post is brilliant. Really made me laugh lol.

    Your animals are SO cute!

  10. @WW i'm glad this made you smile ... it makes us smile too :)

    @Rafa, i have the feeling you were expecting something else :)

  11. Adorable family you keep A! Lovely bed-mates too with their little quirks.

  12. yeah ... the fuzzy family ... we'll be short one as of today :(


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