Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We had such a beautiful send off for The World's Loudest Snorer.

We all met at one of her favourite parks.  Really, it's one of every dog's favourite parks in the lower mainland of Vancouver.

Here's a blog dog's eye view of Bridgman Park.

Fortunately, we didn't have to walk very far to get to her spots she enjoyed.

Coincidentally, this was where I'd go for my lunch breaks when I was a piano teacher.  I would bring my Dearly Departed Gypsy to this little nook in Lynn Creek, and I'd watch her play with water, rocks and logs while I enjoyed my food.

Then I'd have to endure the wet dog smell in my tiny little hatchback of a car for the day.

Anyway, here we were again, only to say goodbye when the craziest thing happened!

It was the same damn thing that happened when we released my Dearly Departed Gyspy's ashes in the water at Ambleside Beach!!

... which is sorta like doggy disneyland if you want the visual ...

Dogs appeared like magic, and chased the ashes while they were carried away by the current of the ice cold water.

There was one who knew The World's Loudest Snorer, and another who didn't.

They chased the sweet loving energy as it traveled amongst the water.  It was as if their spirits had embraced the departed as they left.

When it happened with my babygirl Gypsy, I laughed because it would have been the only time that she was ever chased by another dog.  She would have never willingly allowed it.

No, she was a crotchety bitch from the day I got her.

Anyway, when the same thing happened with The Snorer, it was like the connection to my long lost girl was reaffirmed.  It was like she was right there with me, to say she's never going to leave me.

It was as if she came to take our recent loss's heart and guide it to where she needs to be, so that the newcomer may find peace and happiness.

There was also a few more amazing things that happened.

When we got there, there was another woman who had come to see her Fuzzy Family member off to be with the other dog's spirits.  We all embraced her and asked her to stay for our goodbye as well.  She had tears, we had tears, but all in all, she was a part of the healing as well.

Out of the thick of the trees came a dog I thought I recognized!  Could it be?

I turned around to see if my friend was there, then waved her over.

The moment she saw us, she said, "I could tell you were having a funeral ceremony, because she always seems to find those who are leaving us.  She finds these ceremonies everywhere she goes!"  She is another one to send off the spirits.

It was absolutely incredible to see these intuitive creatures join in and show us that even though we are hurting, there is still so much joy to come from our Fuzzy Families.

There is an extended Fuzzy Family that we don't really give credit to.  It's important to remember how connected these creatures are to us.

Our ceremony was followed by a picnic and playing in the park with my Godson and the rest of the family.

I realized two beautiful things on this day.

One, I am part of their family.  These beautiful souls accept Papi and I as a couple of token Honkies.  They love us just the same as if we were born to the family.

Two, The Godfather and I have no fucking idea what we'd do if we were called on to be permanent parents.

Does this:

... look like we know what we're doing?

Good god!!  The Turkey doesn't even want to get a picture with us.

Never mind.  He's still a part of our lives right now.  So is the energy of the sweet spirit who left us for good on this day.

regardless of the situation, life goes on


  1. so beautiful and inspiring ♥ you look happy and that shows you would be good parents :)

    parents need to be happy imho

    1. you know alex, i'm sure if the time ever came, we'd fall into place. we'd just have to figure out what to do as we go :) ... yes ... parents need to be happy <3

  2. What a great send off for The Worlds Loudest Snorer, and nobody knows what they're doing with kids until they have one although you two do look a bit cack handed lol but happy :D

    1. it really was lovely. and yes ... we're the most awkward god parents ever lmao!!!

      but it's all about the love anyway :)

  3. The kid is all mIne all mine! mwahahahahah
    papi xoxo

    1. yeah ... you're the only one he doesn't wiggle away from papi!!


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