Tuesday, June 5, 2012

stay calm

I did it!

I orchestrated a change that pleased a group of people, instead of letting my anger get the better of me, then losing it and making myself look like a lunatic!

You see, every week, I've been going to the only yoga class that this bitch of a back will allow me to get through, without going into spasm.

It's lovely.

It's glorious.

But unfortunately, it's got a berserk woman in it, and this time, it's not me.

The class would normally have you sign up for certain spots on the floor, only some of the numbers have been rubbed off and most people will just go where they want to.

We're all used to that system in other gyms.  You know?  First come, first serve.  You want that special spot?  Then get your fucking ass there on time.

I have told her I don't appreciate being yelled at before a yoga class, so she moved on to berating other people, because I stood up for myself. 

The class starts with stress, and it's not a nice way to start a yoga class.

Well, I got through to someone who could make changes and said that perhaps for the better of all clients, we could either a) have a sign up sheet without assigned floor numbers, b) remove the numbers from the floor or c) make the numbers more visible and be sure that everyone adheres.

When I got to the class today it was changed!

The sign up sheet was just first come, first serve and let me tell you, there was a sigh of relief from everyone.

A girl that I would stay at the back of the class with, to avoid the crazy one, said, "Did you see?  They changed the class!  Now there's no numbers to deal with!!"

I whispered to her, "I did it.  I spoke to management and told them how abusive and passive aggressive she has been about the system, and asked them if we could work on it together."

Her eyes widened from happiness, and we smiled huge smiles of relief.

Then the yogi came in and had happy words.  "We don't have numbers anymore, so it's first come, first serve and there will be no more fighting!"

Everyone was so happy.

Our class went so well.

There was laughing, there was positive energy, there were smiles.

Not to mention, the offender in question wasn't there.  Not sure why, but that also added to the good energy that was flowing in the room.

I was surprised that I didn't go off on this nut, to be honest, because my journey to learn peace hasn't been attained.

You could say I'm 'a little' hotheaded at times.

... i'm sure you've figured that one out for yourself ...

I tend to get off on the wrong foot when I feel like I have something to get off my chest.

Even yesterday, I saw the most hideous, racist bastard at a store, and instead of releasing my inner demon on him, I simply sighed a very obvious breath, followed by a throat clearing that let him know I was going to lose it if he said one more horrible thing to the elderly Asian lady in front of him.

He looked behind him to see who was making a fuss, and the look I gave him was, "Go ahead, buddy.  Take me on."

He chose wisely.  He didn't continue to say repulsive, small minded comments.

Again, I surprised myself for not blowing a gasket on the guy.

I know that I need to be more subdued in my reactions, as I tend to piss people off.

However, having said that, some people only hear the loudness, as opposed to the rationale. 

It doesn't really matter though.  Point is, I'm on a mission to learn what the word, 'calm', really means.

What does it mean?

Peace, even amongst chaos.

today's mantra from my gratitude buddy: if plan 'a' doesn't work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.  stay cool!


  1. Ah yes! the YELLING YOGA! Not quite as calming but it DOES get your blood flowing as well!!! HAH!

    1. isn't it incredible? people really don't get what yoga is all about. they really don't.

  2. You rock, you know that? Good on you to make your point and get things changed!

  3. I like "calm". I would rather be "calm" - but I can get to "not" calm really fast. And the older I get, the faster I get there. :D

    1. twister, you and i both. this is the problem. i gotta keep working on it!


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