Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is this parenting?!?

I get to have lunch with my mother today.

We're working on our friendship and I'm really happy about it.

It seems to be a regular routine every Thursday now.  I go do my physio, then, while my body is cooling down and the ouch is setting, we chow down on lunch.

And chat.

Having told my mom that I felt she was never proud of me, she seems to be listening to my dreams instead of criticizing them now.

We are all different, and just because we come from the blood of another family member doesn't mean we have the same thoughts, views or feelings in this life.

I follow dreams, while others may follow the norm to feel secure in this world.

I've learned that there really is no security in this world.  Anyone who trusts in the security of this life will be in for a learning experience.

Which isn't so bad, as far as I can see.  Learning is why we're here, and every day is a new adventure!

We can make plans all we want, but it doesn't mean life is going to follow our wishes.

Life has it's own plans.  Life will never be fair.  It will be a balance of good and bad, and our only hope to get through it, is to focus on the good it brings.

Hard to see the good in this one, however.

Here's a jack-off who really believes he can change his son's sexual orientation by buying him anything he wants:

Now I know why all the fags of the world have so many good toys in their lives!

Daddy tried to bribe them with money!

All daddy is going to get is a hefty credit card bill and a son who really knows what love means, and it probably won't be for his father.

I had to dig a little to figure out if this was a joke.

It's not.

This mother fucker deserves all the strife he has with his son.

His anger and homophobia will eat him alive, cell by cell, while he rots his spirit to blackness.

Hopefully it will happen before his son matures, so that his son can live a life that is peaceful without having to deal with his fuckwad of a father in it.

Anger can really do a number on us.  If we live with it so deep, it truly will kill us.

Heart attack.  Cancer.  Stroke.

You name it, your homophobia will get'cha.

This is the only hope we have for these 'humans'; that they will die off like the dinosaurs.

Hopefully they'll die off before they brainwash too many youngins to think that they're horrible people because they love someone of the same gender.

I was 13 when I started to realize that I had feelings for girls.  I cowered in my fear for years before I could bravely tell my homophobic family members the truth.

If we're lucky, there comes a point when you can't scare us anymore.

This kid who's being coerced by his father by way of financial gain will find his strength.  I'm sure of it.  He's seeing the fun of getting anything he wants, plus seeing his loves on the side.

He'll lurk in the shadows with his lovers and collect all daddy's shiny gifts ...

... dude, i'd be asking for a porsche and a house before you out yourself!  get the good stuff! ...

... until he's realized that he doesn't need the security of his father's wishes.

It will come.

When it does, let's hope to hell this kid posts a Craigslist add about how fucking hard his father took it.

it's not about getting a chance, it's about taking a chance


  1. Oh my fucking ... Good parenting, sure. I bet he thinks he's a fucking humanitarian for not beating the gay out of him.

    1. probably jamie. isn't that horrid? how much the kid will be be fucked up from that eh?

  2. One thing is for sure ---- there is NO shortage of stupid fucks on this earth!!!!!!!

    1. nope. i wish they had their own island. with rabid dingoes.

  3. That kid knows how to get what he wants from his dad, and I suspect he will carry on until he no longer needs anything from him,then as he packs up all his high tech toys into his new car, and picks up his boyfriend on the way out of town he will take one last look in the rear view mirror and smile cheers for all the cool stuff dad but in the words of Gloria Gaynor I am what I am !
    This is the way it will happen in my head anyway lol :)

    1. this is exactly how i see it as well.

      i hope he uses up daddy until he's so far in the red, he will never get out.

      what an ass. i wish someone could call social services, but alas, nobody will help b/c the kid is 'just a gay'.

  4. He thinks his son has a problem when he is the one with a problem smh

    Karma gets everyone eventually

    1. karma does alex.

      this family doesn't deserve this kid.


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