Thursday, July 28, 2011

All hail the god of coffee!

I'm not sure why I like to make myself suffer.

masochist much?

I didn't get enough sleep and I would have done better if I would have just accepted this fact and made a coffee instead of having my first words of the day spit from a forked tongue.

I'm pretty sure I saw a few horns come out as well.

There was almost a death in the family.

chihuahua fucking stew anyone?!

Papi was trying to get Psycho Kitty out of the poo-box and Sir Bark-A-Lot was doing his usual, "Lemme at 'im!  Lemme at 'im!" thing.

Of course, I woke up way too early for my day off/beginning of 3 day mayhem.

I really do have 3 treacherous days ahead of me and I don't need to wind up with another fucking fever while I'm trying to get my voice back up to snuff.

So, needless to say, I really gave Papi a hard time this morning.

good fucking morning mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!  how do ya fucking like me now??!?!?!?

I've accepted Sir Bark-A-Lot's apology and am now enjoying a cup of coffee.

Had I have done that in the first place, I would have had a cup of attitude adjustment before I let Papi see my worst profile.

My intention really was to stay off the coffee as much as possible.  Hence, I spend every day repeating the mantra I learned at an anonymous club for drunks.

"One day at a time."

In the case of my coffee addiction, it really is one minute at a time.

I constantly have to check in with myself, "Do you really need a coffee?  Or is it the addiction talking?  Could you go without and manage the day?"


This has been a battle for years!

I was so proud of myself all those years that I could say to people, "Oh, no, I don't drink coffee.  I don't even eat chocolate because the caffeine will deplete all the vitamins."

little miss holier than thou

Mind you, this was at the same time as I'd drink my face off, smoke anything I could get and remain snap drunk and high every chance I was able.

So, why is it that I try so hard to delete the only vice I have?!?!?!

It's a fucking cup of coffee!!!!! 

just drink the fucking thing you fucking crazy lady!!!!!


I love coffee and coffee loves me.

**takes another gulp of spicy cinnamon and sweet stevia infused black goodness**

I start every day with the battle.  And why?

I mean, it's not going to kill me, but every day I spend the whole day obsessing about one cup of coffee.

Yeah, I know I'm crazy.  I'm good with it.

I should just accept that it's the only thing I really have as a vice.

So, now I make the solemn vow!

I, Andréa Hector-Brown, will no longer torture myself with abstaining from nature's most amazing miracle.

Life is too fucking short.


**take the last drops of coffee and smiles at the world**


  1. Coffee, I tried to go without the day before yesterday because it was so damn hot. I was fucking MISERABLE. I broke down and got one around 10. But those were the worst three hours...

    I do not think it means I am addicted to caffeine. I think it means I enjoy the....uh...stimulation. My story, I'm sticking to it.

  2. Coffee is a godsend and anyone who tells you it's not is the spawn of the devil. :)


  3. Jamie and Tricia:

    i think to commemorate my vow, i will dub this day Hail Coffee Day.

    and in it's celebration, i will drink TWO cups of coffee!

    it's for the greater good xoxo

  4. I hear you! How can one NOT get addicted to this perfuckingfection all nice brown and pouring out of a cup?
    Nice blog here =)

  5. Yay, I had a pot of coffee yesterday :D Hail coffee!

  6. Drink one for me please (:

    i love Sir Bark-A-Lot ♥

  7. Please drink the coffee. I get scuuuuurrrrrd otherwise!

  8. @Delilah: welcome my new friend! and yes, your 'perfuckingfection' description is bang on

    **takes a sip**

    @jamie: you're definitely in the club!

    @alex: i will dooooooo ... and you'd probably love Sir Bark-A-Lot ... he's feisty

    @Papi: i'm so sorry for my freak out yesterday :( i love you xoxo

  9. Damn it Andrea! I love coffee.
    And yes world, I don't care what you say about caffeine, or whatev. Coffee and I will always have mutual respect and love for each other.
    There, I said it. Don't care if they call me a substance abuser.
    Just drink it sweetie, it provides balance.

  10. psycho, i just finished my cup and i feel great :)

    what's so wrong with feeling great!

    and you know what? one cup a day is actually GOOD for you.

    so fuck it.



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