Saturday, July 23, 2011


Guess what I'm doing now?

I'm saying, "Fuck it!" and enjoying a mother fucking cup of coffee.

I like coffee and coffee likes me.

Life's too short not to drink coffee.

And besides, Sir Bark-A-Lot kept me up all night because I accidentally left the door open to the upstairs, and Psycho Kitty was meowing down the (My what a wonderful job they did on the carpet) stairs all night.

I didn't know this was the case, I thought Sir Bark-A-Lot was reverting to the days before our training and was just barking willy-nilly for the hell of it.  Meanwhile, I kept trying to find things in the middle of the night to throw at the rat bastard chihuahua for interrupting my sleep nonstop.

Then this morning, Papi was sleeping beside me and doing some weird clenching and pushing of my arm thing.

wtf was that?!?!?!

I was awake from that point on.

I had to meet with the rest of the performers for the show today to go over our stage presentation next Saturday, and damn if I wasn't already tired.


I had no sleep, had to get up early-ish and now I have to get ready for our big night out, and I'm drinking a fucking cup of Dominican Republic brew before I kill someone.

Papi and I are celebrating The One Year Wedding Anniversary Extravaganza, and I know it's a few weeks late, but none-the-less, we're getting our festivities on!

Therefore, I had to be up early enough to do my hair.  I mean, we all know it's all about my hair.

So there I was, with circles darker than the night cradling my eyes, and a ghost white face to accentuate the black that much more.

fucking chihuahua

I had my healthy breakfast and I packed my healthy lunch which I ate that at the dress rehearsal.

I thought I could make it through by way of my greens giving me a nice energetic kick in the ass, but it didn't work, so fuck it.

I want to enjoy myself with Papi as much as I can today.  I mean, my love will be getting up in a different version of 'early'.

My love usually concludes the Graveyard Coma at about 8:45 pm, gets up and leaves 20 minutes later to get to work, and finally comes home and does it all over again.

For our day however, mi esposo will be up at 4:30!


So, if we're both going to be dead tired because neither of us got enough sleep, I want the upper hand.

Not to mention the fact that a nice cup of café noir is also like a cup of attitude adjustment.


I want to be perky and all smiles when we go out.

I also don't know where we're going, because my love has told me it's a surprise.

ooooooooooh ... i love surprises

All I know is I have to be a fancy femme.

my favourite thing ever!!

So, I thought I'd have my cup of varnish remover, have a chat with 'you', my imaginary friend, and tackle squeezing my ass into my tangerine dress.

papi told me what to wear. i like that.

Oh, imagine that!  I started the blog out with 'i want to kill things' and after my tasty cup of blackness, I'm feeling fancy.

I like coffee and coffee likes me.

So, fuck it!


  1. Life is coffee - without coffee there would be no life!!! :) (at least in my world) I hope you have a wonderful time! Since you are going to be a fancy femme, maybe you could post an anniversary pic of you and Papi. :)

  2. glad you have my back twister!!! i'll tell that psychotic 'i have to be perfect' person to chill out b/c twister says coffee is life :)

    and it's a nice idea to post a pic. sounds good xoxo

  3. I have nothing to say.
    I bought a packet of cigarettes on Friday. Well we all need what we need.

    Hope you have a lovely day :)

  4. ah dirty, i'm in good company :)

  5. I'm unable to sleep too, and coffee at 4 amworks for me:D

  6. coffee and cigarettes sounds good to me (:

    Happy Anniversary ♥

    your friend alex

  7. jamie, coffee at 4 a.m.?!? buddy you gotta take care!!

    alex, coffee, but not smokes. i'm such an anti smoker :)


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