Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flying Chihuahuas

I loaded the dishwasher.

That put my fever back up to 98.9.  Papi laughs at me about the fever thing, but damn!  I have low body temperature as my 'normal', so my 98.9 is like someone else's 101.

Anyway, suffice to say, I won't be dancing around the basement suite yet.

However, there is one thing that I really need to do today, and this reminder was given to me through a Blogger Friend, Jess, who had a close call on the road yesterday.

She was asking if anyone had a close call to death, and what it was.  Of course, my motorcycle accident was pretty bad, but somehow, I managed to get out of it alive.

For my day job, HandyDart, we drive people who have had way less of an accident and they never walk again.

Somehow, I was spared, instead of breaking my neck when I landed on my head.

Mind you, it took me over a year to rewire my brain for walking, amongst other things.

Anyway, when Jess asked about anyone else having a close call, I chatted to her a bit about mine.

She asked if I'd like to share it on her blog as a guest writer and I was thrilled!

I'm currently writing a novel, and chapter 7 was about the actual accident, and was also the first passage written.

I passed it on to her to take excerpts etc., and while I was looking through the folder with all my writings, I realized I basically have an entire novel written, I just have to fill in the spaces.

If it weren't for my Blogger Friend, I would be mucking about on the computer achieving fuck all in my current state of 'ick'.

I will let you know when it is appearing on her blog, but for now, I'm just so happy that I have a bit of a brain today to type, and the reminder to do so.

I'll have to make sure I re-read everything I put down in black 'n white on another day, because we all know a fever doesn't give us the best brain function.

For instance, 2 days ago, I wrote that Papi and I would be celebrating mid-August.  I was so delirious that my mid-July plan with my love seemed so far away that I typed it as such.

No, we don't have to wait that long for a hang out.

i get to listen to papi breath heavily while sleeping 18 hours a day right now ...

We will have our hang out on July 23rd for The One Year Wedding Anniversary Extravaganza!

Anyway, today I will write while I laugh at something that is funny yet not so funny.

You know?  When it's really not good to laugh at someone's pain, but you can't stifle the giggle?

While my love is in never never land sleeping off whatever virus is attacking, I'm dealing with the chihuahua trying to steal my pillow.

I give this little critter a flick on his ass, and off he runs.

However ...

The closest place to run away from the evil flick, is to run across Papi's chest.

Every time Sir Bark-A-Lot runs across Papi's still raw, yet healing flat chest, my love does the funky chicken, arms flailing, sending the chihuahua flying across the bed.  Then, mi esposo simply rolls over and goes back to the heavy breathing.

Enter: the confused look on Sir Bark-A-Lot's face, "What just happened?  I was there and now I'm here."

It happens quite frequently and I can't help but giggle at Papi's unconscious thrashing and Sir Bark-A-Lot's spur of the moment flight through the air.


This is my entertainment.

I ran out of Jon Stewart.


  1. I think you need to film that.

    And put it on a little surprise for the person who thinks your blog is all about them :)

    And for us all to laugh at with you.

  2. dirty, it would indeed be a nice surprise

  3. heeheee, you have a Sir Barks A Lot, and I had (past tense thankfully!) a Sir Pees A Lot. I love my chihuahua mix. He's a bucket of love. And a huge wuss. Fly in the house? He's taking cover like a war vet at a fireworks show. Tables, chairs, me, whatever he can get under. He also screams and runs when my (ex) would fart loudly (he was SUCH a catch). Your blog made me hate today less, especially since I received the ashes of my recently departed Chihuahua. She was the best. And I was sad. But you made me smile. Thanks love!

  4. A film of ME?! Well of course you should do that baby :->>

  5. aw foxy!!! i'm so damn sorry to hear you lost your chi :( i'm glad i made you smile though :) xoxo

    papi, you're such an attention whore ... another reason to love you <3 xo

  6. awww I'm sooooo sorry to hear about your Sir Pees a lot. That is sad. It seems extra sad with a chihuahua cause they are so needy etc... Ours pees everywhere too but mostly goes on the pee pads unless another dog comes into the house then it is Pee mail everywhere!!!

  7. Ouch, I wince at the thought of the dog running across. LOL@ poor confused SBA.

  8. @foxy, i'm hurting for you ...

    @papi, i knew you would feel for foxy too ... aw those chis they get into your heart

    @jamie, i only wish you could actually see the face in true form!

  9. Ouch, that's freaking MEAN. Healing THAT much has to hurt like a bastard. That's just cold-blooded.

  10. cold blooded that i laughed rafa? i would venture to say you would too ... the funky chicken!!!!


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