Thursday, July 7, 2011

Isn't it romantic?

Is there something going on in the universe that is making your world go insane?

There certainly is in ours.

It's been a strange brew of days the past 24 hours.  We all have it happen to us, and I suppose this is our turn.

You know the drill, right?  Oh, you want quick examples do you?

First bus was late to miss the second connection.  The 2nd bus broke down, so I did my best to walk the rest of the way to get there on time.

no dice.  fucking late. good thing i tried though, not one bus passed me as i went.

The pain from the combination of walking quickly and far set in, so I spent the rest of the day limping to help the limpers get into the short bus.

Today, Papi was stranded while our vehicle spewed unidentified liquids all over the road.

right now, papi's taking the bus home with no money to do so. i hope they don't give mi esposo a hard time ...

But wait, there's more!

However, I won't bore you with every detail of the science experiment we call 'life'.

though i'd love to vent about the fight i had at the end of my day yesterday with a gas jockey ... he's lucky i was in uniform or i would gone completely psycho instead of just a little nuts.

My mayhem seems to have ended with a sweet note, though.

You know how Facebook has event invitations?  I received a private one entitled: The One Year Wedding Anniversary Extravaganza.

Only 2 people invited: Papi and I.

We're both attending.

We only have one day a week, Saturday, where we get to see each other.  Alas, the next 2 are being swallowed by friends' celebrations we've already rsvp'd to, ...

jeeeeezus ... was everyone born in july?!?!?! let us have our day together!!!

... so Papi and I will have to celebrate on a later Saturday.  But our day is in there!  We're booked!

I'm pretty sure we will have to deal with The Love Patrol during our anniversary party for two.

Have I told you about The Love Patrol?

So, there's this one eyed retriever, The Golden, and he has a problem with Papi and I having sexy time.

We can hug standing, but the moment we get entwined on the bed, our energy erupting with rolling, sensual kisses, bodies pressed together and quite possibly hands stroking various body parts with fervor, The Love Patrol comes on duty.

The Golden will repetitively throw a very cheeky, sharp, demanding bark that says to us, "Hold up there kids!  I'm the chaperone and this is not kosher!"

At the beginning of every sexy time, we start with kisses filled with giggles at the ridiculousness of The Love Patrol.

Oh yeah, then there's Sir Bark-A-Lot.  At this point, he doesn't bark, he just comes to the top of the bed and lies right at our heads.

sexy time supervisor? or is he rating us?

As soon as things get a little heated and the giggles turn to serious 'got to have you now!' moments, one of us finally gets up and tells The Golden and Sir Bark-A-Lot to go outside and the door is closed firmly to be sure there's no more interruptions.

These are my 'rules'.  Papi could care less if there's an audience.

The only time I'll allow anyone else in the room for sexy time is if it's being recorded for porn.


Anyway, I'm waiting for Papi to take the bus home from a broken down vehicle.

There will be many hugs to try to make my love's day better.

Mine already got better when I received the Facebook invitation.


  1. He's a voyeur! :)

    So is our cat. She always comes running when she hears ass-slappin and bed-thumpin. She hops up on the bed, then generally gives us a disgusted look before running away.

  2. just because they watch each other in the wild doesn't mean in civilization it's ok!!!!

    our cat runs away ... they have more class than dogs lol!

  3. At least your dogs aren't trying to get you to play with them at that time, or attempt to join!

  4. please don't tell me this could be happening in your home??!?!?!?! lmao!!

  5. Rocky gets way more upset when there is spanking involved. He tries to protect Andrea which I think is strange cause he was my dog first for 8 years!!

  6. yes papi, i chose to leave that little tidbit of information out in today's blog ... glad you brough that up lol!

  7. Rocky's a personal bodyguard then. Seems to react like one.
    My Bron lurks and watches. Guess that Labrador was born to be a voyeur. My diva cat stares. A very disturbing stare and I tend to give up on her and throw her out of the room.

  8. Nelson jumped on Chris' ass once in the middle. I was laughing so hard after it was impossible to regain the mood.

  9. psycho, exactly! throw them out! it's very disturbing.

    jamie, you gave me a great giggle :) there are times they destroy the mood that's for sure!

  10. My sister had a jack russell that would suck on a cushion when she was sulking.

    And she used to sulk when she was thrown off the bed so they could get busy.
    So they would hear sucking sounds from the corner of the room whilst.....yeah nice !

  11. omfg.

    our chihuahua sucks the eye crap out of the golden's eye.

    it also has the most volatile sound you could imagine as well.


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