Friday, July 1, 2011

Stroll vs. Sprint

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who doesn't know what a clit pump is.

I thought, "Damn!  What kind of lesbian am I?!"

But apparently I'm not the only one, as another of my Blogger Friends, Psycho pointed out.

I have yet to come face to face with the clit pump, and I'm good with this.  I need some quality time with the 5 Foot Clitoris before I jump into this gismo.

Now that Papi is back to work and our schedules clash, there is only one good thing about not being able to see my love frequently: I will have more days to get over any current torment from the Tranny Terrorist before the next wall of 'OMG!!' comes at me.

I have enough to stop my mind reeling from prior conversations with Papi.

Like for instance: "Can you check my back to make sure I'm not getting hair there?"




Seriously?  Do I have to look forward to that?  All I see in my mind is this:
But with better head hair.

Yes.  Here what my mind's eye sees ^^ when I think of it is the main hair I'm terrified of.

right now i feel like typing anything i possibly can just to get the picture to move up and out of my view on this blog entry. i guess i should've waited to put that in.

Anyway, if you haven't figured it out, I'm not a fan of man hair.

I'm also still dealing with another statement from Papi that made me crawl in my skin: "I want to get my nipples pierced again, but I'll have to wait a year.  I don't want my nipples to fall off."

jeeeeeeeezus fucking christ!!!!

Does this:
look like it wants anything to hang off it?!?


Leave the little fucker alone!  Can't you tell it's pissed right now!?!?

Can we just take one step at a time my love?

Oh wait, I forgot.

That's just one of the things I love about mi esposo.

Papi can't do one step at a time.  One of my Trust List friends described Papi as 'A Bull In a China Shop'.


Too True.

It really is one of the things I love about Papi, but damn!  Let this little bugger of a nipple be healed before you start talking about what you're going to do to it next!!!!

And hey!  How about you let me catch up to what's going on right now?

I need to get used to The Great Breast Disappearance, The 5 Foot Clitoris and my love's change of scent due to the hormones.

There is no room in my bubble for clit pumps, back hair, and nipples falling off and floating down the drain.

It seems I'm always trying to catch up to the train that's left the station.

It hurts to run.  Please just let me dawdle.


  1. Incredible, just incredible. Again I am left speechless. Love ya!

  2. that's a pretty nice compliment that i left you speechless :)


  3. Oh, my, I have no idea what it is either, but I'm okay with my ignorance:D You made me laugh with the nipples. You love really likes to charge in.

  4. yeah jamie ... charge in full force, horns lowered ...

  5. Can you tell Papi to just let the pink nipple rest a bit?
    One change at a time ... even I am overwhelmed. Dang!

  6. hell ya psycho ... but that's papi ... not one change or step at a time ... full bore into everything headfirst

  7. 1. I don't know what a clit pump is either
    2. as for the back hair, there is Nair! It's fabulous I use it on my son and he's a hairy sasquatch
    3. nipples falling off and floating down the drain....ya, that would torment me in my sleep, no advice for that.
    HOWEVER, I have to say you describe Papi in such a way that makes him positively lovable. Being a bull in a china shop myself, I seem to have an affinity for other bulls :)
    Hang in there, you are handling all these changes with such dignity, and really, how fucken open-minded are you, because in all reality, you didn't sign up for this.

  8. yeah sandra, i'll become a pro at waxing if this shit starts appearing.

    and yes ... there is a reason i'm enduring all these changes: i married the greatest person on earth. i'm willing to fight through all this for my love.

  9. Whew. Is life complicated?

    The Pump (whether for guys or gals)
    I know about it. I've seen pictures. I'm still not sure if it's as much fun as it's supposed to be. That's like a lot of things in life that sound better when you're talking about it than when you actually do it.

  10. complicated to say the least william.

    and i'll pass on the info to papi lol!

  11. K - it's basically a suction device that you place over it and create a vacuum which then causes it to enlarge.
    Some people use them just for fun but the theory is if you use it often enough the enlargement becomes permanent.
    ie you end up with a clit that looks like a cock.

    Pleasant dreams

  12. i've seen them. i know them. i feel "meh" about them. i like my junk the way it is. and a clit pump is never gonna make my junk a cock, so i'd just as soon wear a silicone one. or use what i was given. as for hair, it doesn't grow everywhere darling, in some spots, we start to lose it...sorry!

  13. dirty, thank you for the description lol! i still don't wanna see it!!

    oc, i don't want to hear about the hair going away ... i really really really don't!!!!!


  14. i have yet to lose a single strand. im sorry to bring it up...perhaps i'm a tiny (really really tiny) bit of a T.T (tranny terrorist) myself...all in love though, you know that. much much love.

  15. omg you're awful!!!!!!! :) but obviously i love the T.T.'s harassment eh?

    love you


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