Sunday, July 17, 2011

Papi's Dog House

She said, "Your eye prescription has changed, but not by that much.  If we change the prescription on your glasses and contacts, then you won't have the proper near vision.  You won't even be able to see your phone apps."

So, my Dr. and I left it at that and I took her suggestion to remove my glasses when I want to read or see things up close.

This will pose a bit of trouble when I have my contact lens in ...

which is almost always ...

... but I'll just deal.

because we must suffer for our pretty femme-ness

Later today, Papi came up to me and with a perturbed attitude said, "I can't believe you can't see the hair on my sideburns!  You have to be lying!"

Then I did as my optometrist suggested and removed my glasses to get an up close look.

"Ah.  Ok.  Now I see them."

There they were.  8 coarse little dark hairs that just shouldn't be there, and they were definitely the beginnings of a sideburn!

crap i can't pretend anymore ...

Alas, now my love will be sportin' the 'burns.

And the mole hair that I thought I saw, well it was that there's more hair on the other side.  That one had a few more in a close area to the mole, granting me the previous day of denial.

The hair conversation continued while were at dinner, when my love told me that indeed, the only place that is desired is the soul patch and it's the only place it's not growing.

We spoke about shaving, my usual dislike of it, and about my lack of doing the deed.  "I can't even keep up with my arm pit hair.  Every time I turn around I have to shave again.  Why on earth would you want to have that crap on your face and have to deal with it all the time?!?"

My love was rubbing the very outside of the chin.  That same place where the little critters stick out in the wrong places and said, "Well, it's only right here that I'm getting it, and it's grey!  I can't stand the grey!"

Well, I like grey hair and said so, adding, "You can just get that 'Hair for Men' stuff then."

"Yeah and I'll have to get my head done too!  I looked in the mirror and realized I have twice as much grey as before!"

stress'll do it to ya!

My love and I are 8 years age difference, but it doesn't really matter.  Yet my love spurted out, "With all this grey I look as old as you!"

ummmmm ...  pardon?!??!

Oh no my love, you didn't!

The look on my love's face, after I threw a fresh bomb of the stink eye, told me Papi clearly understood that there was going to be trouble for that one.

My retort, "Yeah, but I already look younger than your actual age is so it's fine.  You can look like the older one."

My love paused.

I did not appreciate the lapse of time and said so, "You paused!!  What the fuck!?  You know I look younger than I am!  Everyone is always shocked when I tell them how old I am!"

Again, Papi recognized the look I gave as danger.  "Well, it's just that I already know how old you are so I can't be objective."

small save my love, small save ...

There will be some dog house days for this I can promise you.

Papi had a male moment.

Perhaps there is a guy hanging out in there somewhere?


  1. heh ... yeah lemons ... nice 'n nasty papi!

    indeed jamie!!

  2. i didn't even know i was in the dog house?!

  3. haha... funny moments (:

    aka alex

  4. OH NO! Maybe tact is connected to breasts? When the boobies are removed, the brain-to-mouth filter goes with it. :)

  5. @papi ... you'll see ... you'll see

    @alex ... glad i could make you smile xo

    @tricia ... i think you have something here

  6. Oh dear....sounds like Papi wants to be a toy boy.

  7. or something dirty!!!



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