Monday, July 11, 2011

Death, Dying, Doom


There's some kinda ick of a virus going around, and damn if I got it.

I wish I could say Papi and I had a great celebration on our anniversary, but I worked my butt off in the 'short bus', so the most we got to spend together was the hour after my shift while I was winding down.  It's a damn good thing we've already booked our celebration day mid-August.  We wouldn't get anything otherwise.

Today, my little yellow bus will be without me, and I'll be here in bed, with a few stolen moments with Papi on my love's day off.

That is of course, when I'm not sleeping.

I hope you have a wonderful day today.


  1. Yuck, conflicting schedules.

    I applied for a cool job last summer working in a super popular tattoo shop here in town. Now that I'm settled in with Mr. Man, they're interested, but it would mean entirely opposite schedules. So I passed. :(

  2. it's gross having opposing schedules ... i now go back to my neo-citran infused coma

  3. Oh Andrea - that sucks. I hope you feel better.

  4. yeah ... i will twister ... just a flu thing ... but damn ... my throat!!!!! my sinuses!!! my fever that never ends :(

    but just a flu thing ... no biggy lol!

  5. I am having the depressed phase. Maybe the rains are just too much it is dampening my spirits.
    I hope you too have a lovely day and week!

  6. aw psycho!! yes the rain will do that :( i am so sick it's crazy! try some vit. d, b and primrose oil? maybe that will help you?


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