Friday, September 16, 2011

And a big ol' 'Fuck You' to you too.

My braces are too tight to eat and the Brace Face is in full force this morning.

Not to mention my coffee is weak.

But hey!

My love gave me $40 allowance, because I haven't received a penny in 5 weeks.

I thought of finding out the woman's name who hit me almost 3 years ago and asking her if she could spare a little.

Today I'm not feeling very forgiving.

Papi has a ton of new 'friends' on Facebook.  The majority of the 'new' friends are transgender.

Makes sense.  People like people that they can relate to.

Well, yesterday, one of these 'new friends' posted on their status about how the partner in the relationship should keep their mouths shut about how hard it is to see their partner go through a male transformation.

This person's words were something like, "To all you people who are having a hard time with your partners transition, get over it or leave.  It's not about you, it's about the person who's transitioning."

Really, bitch?

Papi and I were pretty sure that was this weasel's response to my blog.

go ahead and hate me, i don't really give a fuck, but thank you for the page hit.

Good thing I'm in a malicious mood today, or that might've hurt my feelings.

Instead of being hurt, I'd like to say fuck you.

You're young and have absolutely no idea what it's like to find your soul mate who is the perfect butch, fall in love, marry them and then find out 4 months later that your butch is being replace with a balding, pot bellied, hairy, middle aged man.

When you're in a marriage, it's about both parties.  You don't get to be selfish and say, "It's all about me."

Well, you could do that, but you'd find out pretty quickly that your marriage is ending and you're left alone.

I'm pretty sure you must be single and bitter, and this is the reason for the pungent taste in your mouth after reading my blog.

I didn't leave my soul mate because he's changing genders.

No, I had to grieve because she was leaving.

The person I married is dying, and I'll now be married to a different body.

So, no.  It is not all about you.

In a relationship, there are 2 people.

One day, you'll grow up and find out what that means, and you can let go of your self-righteousness.

I'm grateful that I've had 10 months to work out my grieving and find strength.

Those words that you spoke are the very words I was afraid people would say when I was first hit with the bomb.

They are hurtful.

However, I'm feeling pretty fucking feisty after finding out what the root of my fear about in this transition, and I'm not hurt.

I'm fucking pissed.

You are the very people that we as partners are afraid of and the reason I started this blog in the first place.

We matter.

Others out there are having difficulty with this, and they're afraid to speak out, lest you say those acrid words and make us feel bad for having natural feelings.

Papi 'unfriended' this immature person, but there are more out there.

We find this defensive attitude everywhere.

How about you remember that we're all in this together?

And again, fuck you.


  1. Fuck, what an idiot. Obviously they have no concept of sharing a life with someone you love through everything. And you two have more "everything" than any other couple I've ever heard of. Stupid is just jealous. Honestly I think we would all want a love that strong in our lives.

  2. jamie, it amazes me when i hear of such selfishness. i used to be quite selfish, and it's hard to see it in others. i guess that's why i'm so pissed.

    it's ugly.

  3. sometimes a big ol fuck you rant is exactly whats needed.

    i didn't realize that you didn't know who hit you. did the person leave the scene? that is so fucked.

  4. @honey, no, she didn't get to leave the scene. and i think i have her name somewhere because of the court date coming up, but i'm obviously not allowed to harass her lol!

    i just wish i could. sometimes, i hope she has nightmares of me tumbling over the hood of her car.

    then other times, i forgive her b/c it was an accident.

    but damn.

    i need some cash b/c i haven't received anything in 5 weeks and she's just out living life ...

  5. Great! I have to add 2 more bodies in my Infamous Hit list.

    Just say when A.

    and tell that stupid FB ranter: Go fuck a duck!

  6. ooooooo psycho! tell me more about the Infamous Hit list!!!!!

  7. Hey Andrea, nice to see you're feeling strong and feisty! x

  8. :) yes vee ... it's a nice feeling :)

  9. You forgot the part where he thought partners going to therapy for the other partners transition was ridiculous because it has nothing to do with them it has ONLY TO DO WITH THE PERSON TRANSITIONING! and he said get over yourself blah blah blah. get with the program or leave... I wish i had copied the exact quote this person said it was quite stupid!
    Love you baby!

  10. love you too boo :) and yeah ... my brain injury only let's me remember what it wants to lol!

  11. You tell them:) The young ones really are dumb sometimes arn't they!

  12. yeah ... they'll go through relationship after relationship if it's all about 'them'.

    rule #1 in any relationship, compromise.

  13. Shame you didn't just write all that as a response to the status really.

    But as you said that person is just immature and stupid - and probably going to end up very lonely.
    In any relationship, even between friends if one person is going through something it can affect the other.
    Guess that person will find out the hard way.

  14. well, dirty, papi deleted them and even tried to block them, but couldn't find them after deleting, so there was no choice but to let it go on FB, but i'm happy i vented here :)

    i remember thinking there would come a time where i would be feisty about all this, instead of crying.

    feisty for sure xo


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