Thursday, September 1, 2011

And a Bow-chica-bow to you too.

Another good side effect of the Medicinal Cannabis is an increased sex drive.

As I'm sure some of you who have the need for anti-depressants know, they can kinda mess with your libido.

Yeah.  True in my case.

However, when my MC Guru first started to help me out on this pain killer path, she didn't go into the horrible side effects, because there really aren't any when taken properly.  She spoke of all the added bonuses you get on top of the pain relief, "You'll be a bit happier and your libido will increase!"

I said, "Hell ya!  I want sum-a-dat!"

'Happier' came within the first day, when the Gma's nagging really didn't affect me at all.  I wasn't muttering under my breath, "Yes, your Highness," then giving a secret one finger salute as I passed the wall.

Then came my libido.

That actually increased after the third day of this new miracle pain killer.

I crawled up on to my love's chest, ever so carefully, so as not to hurt Papi's still healing wounds and just laid there for a moment.

I felt a surging need for a little Papi action, but the bad news was my love had to leave for work.

The next day however, mi esposo woke up earlier from the Graveyard Coma, and after a brief visit with me, toddled off to the bedroom for the usual masturbation session before work.

hey ... our one eyed golden retriever humps his bed after dinner ... papi masturbates before work.  enter here where my love screams from the other room while reading my blog, 'honey!!!!  i can't believe you wrote that for everyone to see!'  but hey papi, you're the reason i have this blog in the first place.  love you ;P

As my love wandered into the room, I was hit with a moment of ardor and wanted to follow Papi into the room.

This is when I heard, "Honey?  Would you like to join me for a quickie?"

hell ya i would!

I ran in nervously, thinking about the 5 Foot Clitoris, wondering if it's odour had changed since the last time we tried to share our love, and crawled upon Papi's chest again.

careful ... careful ... 

From that point onward, I had my love back.  All those feelings of, 'how do I work with this new toy?' left me.

My love took control and gave me what I've been waiting for.  I wasn't afraid of the new scent, and mi esposo wasn't afraid of the, "What if Andréa doesn't find me attractive?" moments.

It was just us again ...

i made sure of it ... the four legged fuzzy family was banished from the room ...

... and we were feeling the passion like it had always been prior to the bomb dropping, and then some.

I didn't want the moment to stop.  I instructed my love on exactly how fast and deep to go.

Now I was finding that devotion to ecstasy I always had, with no boundaries.

We switched over to a vibrator for a little more fun, and I had the best time I've had in a long, 10 month stint.

Only there was one problem.  Papi said, "Ok, so now I need to use it.  Every time you hop on it, you seem to take it over."

i don't like to share ...

But it was beautiful now.  My love instructed me on what to do.  I found it soft and alluring.  The 5 Foot Clitoris was no longer a threat.

I made a new friend.

I would like to visit a little more often now that I have an option for pain killers that won't turn me into a slug, with no interest for anything in life.

However, there is still one barrier between Papi and I that I know will take a long time to overcome.

Brace Face.

Between the two of us, one of us winds up hurting the others tongue or lips, on top of clashing of brace on brace.


That one is going to take a while.  No passionate kisses till those puppies bid adieu.


  1. Hooray!! OMG! The more that I read about your experiences with MC, the more I want to talk to my doc about it. And this one side effect that I could really use.

    Are you finding that your appetite has increased? Do you get the "munchies"? I can't have that. :/

  2. @brandy, i'm finding that i get the munchies, but i'm also finding i don't eat as much when i do indulge. not sure if that's my own thing, (possible eating disorder stuff?!) or the will of the drug, but so far, i'm ok.

    @vee, papi and i have braces on our teeth :) we have another year to go lol!

  3. Oh... my mind went somewhere else entirely. O_o

  4. OMG! And you say I say way too much! OMG

  5. and i did yell from the room the exact thing you said I would! (before I knew you wrote the part about me yelling about it)

  6. oh i know papi ... i know you a bit too well now hehehe

  7. Yay! So happy that you experience increased libido so soon - it's another MC miracle :)

  8. lol! yes ... it was a great side effect. i'm happy lol!

  9. Told ya !!

    However you don't want to know where my mind went when your friend up there ^ asked about the munchies.

    And Papi aint the only one who has a wank before work... lol.

  10. dirty, i'll be sure to let papi know lol!


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