Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Rise of Dr. Scissorhands!

Sometimes, I'm curious about just what it is we do with our faces when we get our picture taken.

You know?

We take bad pics that have our face in some contorted fashion, to be captured on film forever!

We had been to a wedding, and Papi and I had a couple of pictures taken.

There were pics of so many people posted on the newlyweds web site, but none of ours made the cut.

And I know why.

Here's the reason:

Now at first glance I just look a little psychotic.

But what you really need to do is take a closer look at my face:

What the hell is that?!?!

Look at Papi all handsome and then there's me.

It looks like I've just seen another penis hanging in the bathroom.

There was a nice one as well.

I look a little more sane here.

And again, Papi looks handsome.

Upon looking at the pic, my love said, "I look more masculine now."

Mi esposo then strolled over and lifted my glasses so I could see up close, "There's more sideburns coming in!"

I favoured being in denial, "I can't see it.  It's too dark in here," I said, blaming it on the cheerless days that are heading our way for our next 6 months (or more) of our bleak West Coast weather.

Papi chose to get even closer saying, "C'mon, you have to be able to see it!'

I couldn't discount those straggles of hair by Papi's ear, "Ok, maybe."

"Yes!  That means you can!" my love said, while expressing joy with a gyrating Elvis move.

I've seen this move a few times in our relationship.

It comes when we have our plans booked for a holiday, or we acquire money we didn't know we'd be receiving, or the excitement leading up to another of my love's surgeries for the male transformation.

Recently, we were told that Papi's hysterectomy will be in November.

Yet when my love was told this, there wasn't an Elvis Gyrating session, there was only nervousness.

I can't say that I'm proclaiming a sense of allay, even though I'm feeling more durable.

Dr. Scissorhands will be taking care of removing the last of Papi's female identity; my love's uterus.

I was really messed up for the Top Surgery, and my love has asked me, "Are you going to be able to be there for me?"

Mi esposo didn't feel like I was able to be a caregiver, because I was so disturbed about the loss of Papi's breasts.

Yes, I was a disaster for The Great Breast Disappearance.

This time, I may be better, even though I thought I'd be ok for Papi's Top Surgery.

I didn't know I was fucked up until the day I was leaving on a plane to go support my love in Florida.

We'll see, I suppose.

At least I don't have to look at the carnage when this one is over and done.  There will be nothing more than an itty scar on my love's belly button and pubic hair line.

Phew!  No nipples slipping down the drain on this one!


  1. "It looks like I've just seen another penis hanging in the bathroom"

    I laughed so loud at that the cat that is always 'sharing' the laptop jumped.
    And yeah, I think you'll be better this time because as you say there will be no outward signs.
    The second pic is gorgeous :)

  2. yeah ... this surgery is a little more subdued on the outside.

    pretty sure it will be more painful for papi though! yikes!

  3. i totally LOLed at the penis in the bathroom comment as well. :D

    i had a tubal ligation done and it hurt like hell, i can only imagine what a hysterectomy will feel like. the one really weird thing about it was there was A LOT of pain in my shoulder. i won't go into the details of why in case that freaks you out, but you can ask if you want. i will be following your blog on this procedure (not that i dont anyways) because i have been considering a hysterectomy due to PCOS.

    also i want to say that your support group is growing, and with that you will be better equipped to deal with this than you were the previous surgery. also, having been thru the other you have a better idea what to expect, both from yourself emotionally and from him in regards to the care he will require. that will go a long way.

  4. yeah ... i had an ovarian laparoscopy and it was really painful, so i can't imaging having a hysterectomy eek!

    another good thing is that it will be close to home so that will be more comforting too.

  5. You look so beautiful in both the pics although the first one looked funny. You and Papi look so happy. I think you will handle this surgery better and will be able to take care of Papi :)

    now i am going back to sleep...

  6. I admit to sharing everyone's chuckles with the penis in the bathroom. Yikes, I never even thought about the internal stuff. But like you say, without the massive physical stuff it will probably be much easier on you. THe second picture was beautiful.

  7. Your description of your expression on your face in the first photo is so apt and funny!!! That got me laughing out loud alone, my voice crackling then eventually going into a coughing seizure! But fun times! Second pic is beautiful, I love both your look of love and "togetherness." really nice.
    I believe the next surgery will just be a breeze for you. You have conquered Kilimanjaro, every other mountain now is a hill.

  8. @ima, thank you my dear. i can always count on you for an ego boost :)

    @jamie, i think you're right. the physical part is kinda hidden

    @pb, it really does give a sense of together, doesn't it? and yes, the biggest mountain has been tackled. :) xo

  9. Ok, first about the pictures. Can I get a little *snicker* on that one? I've taken many myself that I'd rather leave in the dark to say. But you are a sport posting them! It's good to see you and papi! I try to read eveyone's "every" post but cannot keep up...especially when I have no internet at home...just my crappy phone.

    And as far as the and all...I don't know how you do it! I know that love conquers all but sometimes it's just not enough. I think I'd be in your boat and be completely lost.

    A, you are stronger than you make yourself out to know that?

    Btw, you are both very nice looking individuals! look great together!

  10. aw Kim, you are just the sweetest soul! you made me smile this morning with your words :)

    thank you for being a friend xo


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