Monday, January 16, 2012

Peacefully Drowning

It's been a few months since I've needed the non-judgement of 'you', my imaginary friend.  I'm embarrassed and need to work this through in truth.

I had a moment of Hurricane Andréa last night, but you know what?  It was for good.

I didn't have the fist on the ground pounding, fetal position insanity, but I did realize that I'm not being honest about my struggles with the Anorexia Monster.

Well, I have to say it out loud now.  I've told Papi and now I have to be honest with myself.  For the past 2 days, I limited my food to 'feel' thin.

I have had an excruciatingly hard time seeing how I could keep from feeling 'not good enough', when I saw that person in the mirror.

I broke through a major layer last night.

People have seen as me as being very hard on myself all my life.  I realized that this is not my intention.

I now see that I'm frustrated at what I see in the mirror and need help, because she just won't let up.

I tried to appease her, but then I remembered that it is not such a great idea.  There's no winning with this bitch, because the less I eat, the worse she shows me in that reflective devil.

So, I'll just shut off her heat valve and cover the mirror.


Also, I think another part of the problem is, the nerve medication I take to help me sleep through pain is giving me that good ol' pharmaceutical puff.

This is my next venture.  Get off these disgusting pills that are puffing me up like that Orange Angry Bird.

The whole idea of thinking positively and chanting positive mantras is so that I can get past the things that hold me in fear.

Well, now that I'm getting to the nitty gritty, I had an awful flashback.

Because there were tears about my Anorexia Monster overstaying her visit last night, my nose got stuffed.

yeah yeah yeah ... i'm one of those messy cryers ... snotty and all consuming ...

Once I'd spat her foul, abscessed venom out of my mouth, I was trying to drink loving water to cleanse my tongue from her poison.

Well, because I was all snotty, my nose couldn't get air to swallow, and the water felt suspended in my throat.

In less than a second, I was transported to when I was a kid and was drowning.

I was trying to show my mom and dad how I could do a back float, but they didn't watch, ...

... smoke another one pops ... thanks for caring ...

... and I floated toward the sea.

It took longer than usual to hit the sandy shore, so I tried to stand, but there were no little pebbles to greet my feet.

Over the drop off I went.

Water forced it's way down to my lungs, because in panic, I tried to breathe in.  At the same time, my other life support, my sinus cavity, was already filled with water.

Nothing was going in or out and I became one and the same with water.

I watched the line of air above me float further away, and I calmly gazed at the boy who was standing near me, frozen in fear, do nothing to help.

However, It was tranquil.

I felt I could give up, and I would really be ok.

I had peace.

Part of healing our lives, so we may live without our demons, is getting things out of our mind and through our mouths so it can let our souls be free.

Still, these are the things that scare me.

These are also the times I think, who the fuck keeps trying to kill me?!?!

Well, 'they' just keep trying, whomever 'they' are, but somehow, I manage to stay one step ahead of 'them'.

I sleep with one eye open.

even when the road is rough, steep and slippery, I can keep moving forward.


  1. And there you go. That's why you keep on goin' on baby! I have no words for you as far as the Anorexia Monster goes...I know the helplessness and the "rush" acquired from refusing the food. Great piece of writing Andréa! Although tragic, it was beautiful!

    1. sandra, i'm grateful you don't have to battle the anorexia monster. she's a tough one. but i won't let her win.

      thanx you xo

  2. You've mentioned in the past that your brain injury makes reading long books difficult, but I'm going to recommend one anyway... Butterflies Are Free To Fly by Stephen Davis.

    1. i'll definitely check it out vee! i can read that kinda stuff slowly. might be good to practise focus as well :) thank you xo

  3. I just sat in my chair typing away with a bitch of a bad back for over half an hr of supportive mumbo jumbo just for you...
    Lost the whole lot, 100's of words down the loo in one fell swoop of idea how I lost it aggggggggggggg
    You know how it is to sit and type with pain
    I was trying to say I understand, very well what you are saying and one day when my back is a bit better I may rewrite what I said.
    Now excuse me while I have a melt down and go take a few more tabs just to fatten myself up a bit more and compound matters le very big sigh
    Hugs and Love Stell

    1. aw stella, i hear your support no matter what the words say.

      and i know your pain ... ick.

      you're a sweet soul ... thank you for the love xo

  4. You're a freaking SUPER-HERO!!!! I love it!

    1. indeed rafa ... i'm pretty sure i'm magic hehehe

  5. Replies
    1. I got the upper hand today mwahahahahaaa!!!!!!!


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