Monday, January 2, 2012

Riding that wave ...

You know, it's time to put the Trust List into an archive box.

I am so surrounded by support, that the list just keeps growing.

So much so, that the little basket I'd collect hearts in, has become so big, that I now need a semi-trailer to haul all the love.

Every single angel who has sent me treasured words of esteem are automatically added to the list.

It's so big now, that I walk with pride.

It's so big now, that I don't feel the need to fall prey to social anxiety and hide under my rock, missing out on opportunities for a room full of joy.

It's so big now, that I received an email from someone wanting to make a play out of our story.

She told me she had made a web page for me some years back, but somehow, my injured noodle just can't remember.  I'll have to wait to see her face up close, look in her eyes and allow the memories to wire back in when they choose.


The Trust List.

It's big.

It's powerful.

It's so full of love.

However, that's all I have time to write about today, because it's a very busy day.

I'm going to go get prepared for the last shots of our BlueLight video, and Lin Gardiner is a strict task master so I don't wanna piss her off!!

Hence, I don't have much time to write, other than to say that my 2012 has started out with greatness.

I'm gonna ride that wave until it crashes on the shores of the Dominican Republic!

I'm grateful you're here to join me.


  1. very well written! *tip my hat*

  2. why thank you kyle :) and welcome to my coocoo page!

  3. Andrea, so glad you're feeling the love! Happy New Year to you. : x

  4. happy new year to you as well vee!!!! may your travels continue to take you to wonderful places


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