Saturday, January 14, 2012

You may be a redneck if,

I never got to tell you about the whacky experience during the video preparation and the actual day.

Remember that bad dream I had?

The one where my BlueLight partner Lin stopped the filming because of my 'fat'?.

While the fitting of the dress happened, you know, when it fit, Lin ever so seriously walked over and pointed out that there was a bulge in the boning of the dress.

All I saw was her pointing at the 'fat' that i'm all too aware of, so I told her what had just happened I had dreamed about prior.

I got very defensive, because the Anorexia Monster was chattering about how I'm going to look so awful in the video, etc.

However, I found my come back, "Ok!  But it is only Saturday.  I have one more day to eat a gazillion veggies and lose water."

They were both impressed that I was able to actually lose a dress size in a week, but now comes the hard part.  Keeping up with my proper diet.

There has been a lot of talk on Facebook about a campaign to bring awareness to eating disorders.

The Anorexia Monster is really enjoying it.

Mostly because I read the full article about how most models are considered anorexic, yet the 'plus' size models were around a 6 and above.

You fucking kidding me?


To them I'd be a plus size person?


A plus size person can only shop at 3 stores, and it's all made for older women who like to dress conservatively, or in a moo moo, without a spice of flare to it, lest they look good.


Where are the designers out there who realize that the world doesn't revolve around size 'waif'?

Beauty does not only come under the size of 6, but that good old Anorexia Monster is still talking away at me regardless.

hehehe ... while you're sick and don't feel like eating, you can just fake a little more 'not feeling like its' in and lose a bit of that stuff you see in the mirror ...

Well, I'm too sick to fight that bitch, so I'll be sure that when I do feel like eating, it will be something healthy that benefits my system.

So, fuck you and your 'plus size' fucking crap.


The fucking fucker's fucked!

Had to throw that in there. 

I just love the redneck in me.


  1. you are awesome


  2. Don't sweat the small shit, pun only half intended. My fiancé is a size 12 and I am completely attracted to her beautiful curves. Don't let someone's unrealistic and unhealthy view of beauty feminist your true beauty.

    1. david, most of the time, i'm pretty good about my body. it's taken my whole life just to get to here.

      i'm going to assume i'll get better and better, because i really want peace from the anorexia monster.

  3. II've never seen the word 'feminist' used as a verb, but happy to point out that feminists covered making the connection to the tyranny of size zero a whole lot and have done so for a long, long time in 'western' culture. In other places, whole cultures that wouldn't use the 'f' word hold big women as the standard of beauty and have done so for eons.

    Just sayin'.
    In closing, it'll be nice to see more guys buck 'the smaller the woman the better' so it's just normal as it is elsewhere to have diversity about beauty/size, not a case of exceptionalism.

    1. anon, i wish we were in the culture that praises women for nice healthy birthing hips lol!

      yeah ... but unfortunately, we're living in a western civilization (and i use civil lightly) and all us gals are told we're never good enough.

      either by our own mind, or by someone else.


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