Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Wrath of Dr. Scissorhands.

I guess I'm a mess from the stress.


I'm sick.

I overtaxed my still healing body.

3 fucking years already ... let's get this over with!

I'm still learning that I need to slow down with this new bod I've been blessed with.

The biggest source of stress is Papi's illness.

We went to our lovely doc yesterday to find out just what it is that my love is now taking a 4th round of antibiotics for.

Papi has an infection from taking too many antibiotics.

If I didn't hear it from my doc, I wouldn't believe this could happen.

Honestly though?

Why did mi esposo have to start taking them in the first place?

2 other friends of my love had hysterectomies at the same hospital, with the same surgeon, within the same month.

One of them had to have a 10 day visit after the operation, and the other wasn't put back together properly, so she needs to go back and have it redone.


I demanded yesterday that my love get X-rays and an ultrasound to see if Dr. Scissorhands left anything in there.

A friend told me her buddy had gauze left in after the hysterectomy.  The woman received infection after infection because the source of the problem was still in her body.

Her system wanted the foreign object out, so it surrounded it with pus.  When they pulled it out, they couldn't even identify that it was gauze at first glance.

It doesn't happen very often, but damn!  What the hell is going on with our docs in our city's lower mainland?!?!

It may not even be this worst case scenario, but still, I want all possibilities off the table before they pump my love up with the next step of intravenous antibiotics, all the while blindly telling us is another 'infection'.

Enough of the 'infections' already.

Let's start asking why they keep coming and treat the fucking issue, not the symptom!

My poor sweet love will have to start fresh at immune boosting after all this is finally rectified.

His body has been wiped out with antibiotics.

These are some of the fears I had, when I found out a year ago that my love would be going under the knife.

There's a reason why we don't get our bodies hacked into very often.


However, what's done is done, so I need to focus on the now.

Right now, I'm going to finish this rant-o-rama, settle in with some ginger tea, gobble a gazillion Zinc and Vit. C tablets, and drink as much water as this body can handle.

It's time for a pee-fest!

Get that virus gone bitches!!!

I suppose today is a good day to catch up on back ups of this here cranky laptop.

I already feel bored just thinking about it.


I've got a novel to write!

There's my silver lining!


  1. Andrea - I just want to send hugs and get well wishes to you and Papi. Good people shouldn't feel bad. xoxoxoxo

    1. thank you twister ... your hugs are felt in my heart, even if it is virtual xoxo

  2. So I have just spent an hour catching up on reading your blog, I made you no1 on the list because I knew there would be so much.
    I haven't left any comments because..well...that would've taken two hours.

    Hoping Papi does get better soon, and a belated happy new year to both of you xxx

    1. yeah dirty ... we tend to have a bit of 'drama' in whatever we do, eh?

      makes for a good story, even if it's hard lol!

  3. Antibiotics kill both bad and good bacteria and once the good ones are depleted enough there's nothing left to fight infection. :/

    1. i know vee!!! i've been forcing probiotics into papi's yack endlessly between meds ... but i suppose it can't beat the nasty drugs that are in there :(

  4. Oh, I meant to say I really like your new template, Andrea. Much easier on the eyes. :)

    1. i did it all by myself vee!!! i'm pretty proud. my brain injury doesn't help me navigate, so actually doing it on my own made me feel pretty damn good.

  5. i hope for the best for you andrea. sounds like you're dealing with a lot and i honestly think you deserve better.

    1. aw enrique, i am dealing with a lot, but such is my life. if papi wasn't here, i'd honestly not be as well off in this and would have been gone a long time ago.

      i don't need to defend papi, b/c i do know i have one of the best hearts in my life. even in tough times, i know i'm loved.

      thank you for caring so much and welcome to my mania xo

  6. I hope that Papi is better soon. I too would be saying by now, okay something is causing the problem, find out what it is before antibiotic poisoning FFS. I would like to tell you to take it easy, but I know how impossible that is when he is so sick. But take some time for yourself. BTW, love the new template.

    1. jamie i hope he's better soon as well. i'm pretty sure this is why i got sick. worrying will do it to you every time, and i'm a professional worry wart.


      and the template!!! i did it on my own!!! i'm proud :)

  7. Hope you and Papi both feel better soon♥ I love what you did to your blog :)

    1. thank you so much alex ... i know mine will end at least xo


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