Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Here's what's really wacky.

Through this male transformation, I've had to get used to a new pronoun for Papi.

I feel like 80% of the time I'm saying the proper pronouns. 

But of course, everyone slips up every now and then.  I'm just glad my love isn't psycho about my brain not catching on too quickly.

I'm fine in black and white.  I never slip up here or anywhere else I write about mi esposo.

I just need to get this down for my love.

However, during this journey, I've opened my eyes even more to gender recognition.

It would be great if someone could come up with a non-gender specific pronoun, but here in my lifetime, well, we don't.

Unless you speak Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Persian, Basque, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Quechuan, Tagalog, Davidian, Turkish or Ido.


All these languages don't use pronouns to differentiate between gender identification.


What the fuck is the matter with us?!

Why don't we have something to work with.  Why do we have to choose between only two options?

You see, now that I'm having to rearrange my mind with a pronoun switch, I'm starting to do it all over the place.

People who don't even have an inkling of transgenderism are starting to become non-gender specific.

So strange.

I just don't want to use pronouns at all anymore.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, over and over again I hear, "How about using they?  That works."

You know, I'm too much of a grammar nerd to use 'they', considering it's only one person.

I'm also not into calling someone an 'it', like I was spitting venom at the disgust of someone so deeply that I am insulting them.  It's like having a turned up nose toward someone, or some homophobic bumpkins, who can't even look at a person as human, and they call you an 'it' in revulsion.

Anyway, I have started to think of everyone as non-gender specific, and it's a real trip.

Even a hetro woman who is obviously showing the world her womanly bosom, and tight clothes to show of her womanly booty, I  am starting to just see as a person.

No pronoun.

A person.

So dammit!  Who's the grand-poo-bah of language?

Can someone hook me up with this person?

I need to start a gender neutral discussion with them so that we can sort this out.

Otherwise, I just might lose it.

And we don't want that now, do we?

**inserts tongue in cheek**


  1. Actually their are gender neutral terms. I ran across a radical feminist site called Shakesville that has the following web address:
    ( ). I can't remember the terms but if you've got some time on your hands (because they all seem to come from highly academic backgrounds and their is a l-o-t of detail!) and you go through the definitions tab/page I think it is you will find it. Just to let you know just how specific the language is, I even learned a new term - cisgendered. It means something like this if I have it right - a person, male or female who is not part of the dominant gender(s) and is therefore not given to the privileges of being so. I'm sure if you read about it on their site you would get a better definition. Anyway, Happy New Year and see you back in the Blogger Coffee Shop which is where I found you (Last Posted Thread).

  2. Just so you know I'm not that dense (a little dense though cause I did it without thinking) when I saw my comment come up I noticed I had spelled there as their in "(because they all seem to come from highly academic backgrounds and *there* is a lot of detail).

  3. rafa, lol! yeah ... i think i'll stick to spanish :)

    @carmenT, i will check it out, thank you for your info :) hopefully it can make a difference ... i admire you for calling yourself on your typo lol! i can't stand it when i make typos!!!!! i always have to tell the world that i mean 'x' not 'y' ya know?


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