Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rub my Tummy?


That was a whirlwind.

I lost a day there.

I went on vacation to video land.  I'm actually still having trouble coming home from it.

Every time I eat, I'm afraid that I might ruin my lipstick, but I'm not wearing any.

I'm not sure how effectively I could tell you about the video that took from 8am until 2:30am.

Mostly because right now I'm suffering the effects of too much fun, and the pain killers are doing their best to numb out a level 8 pain. 

I'm pretty sure this body is going to need a good week to recover from that one.

But what I can say about how wonderful this day was, is it was like living in a dream.

I now know why I like playing dress up.

In my former life, I must've been a dog.  Too much of it makes sense.

My loyalty, my goofiness, my tendency to bite first, learn later.

You know, the usual.

But when I'm in that chair and people are stroking my face with cool, soft, little brushes, I feel like I go into a meditative state.

They caress my skin, up and down, side to side in short strokes, long strokes, dabs, puffs, or whatever it takes to make their art on my skin please them. 

However, I sit silently, feeling like a dog having it's muzzle stroked, and peacefully allow the moment to last as long as possible.

Sometimes, I even get that neck up feeling dogs do, when they manipulatively get you to stroke their chin, neck and jaw line.

Slower than a minute hand on a clock, my chin raises, and true to any dog, I've trained them to pull my jaw down again.

Then there's the hairdresser!

They stroke your hair with cushy, rounded bristles, tingling your scalp enough to give you goosebumps.

Even yesterday when my hair was being back combed into manic frenzy, I liked it.

She'd push those little pins in, and they would give every follicle a gentle hold, quite like a traction machine.  They get stretched out and are ready to relax when the exercise is over.

Yeah, it took me an hour to pick through that creation of enthusiastic madness out.

That and half of my conditioner supplies.

But don't worry folks!  My hair is still hangin' in there so that I can bore you with the monotony of it all being about my hair.

... but you know it is ...

Anyway, I'm hoping that this post has stayed on track.  I certainly know I'm having trouble reeling it in right now.

But hey, the pain killers are doing their job.

I will be posting pics and links soon.


  1. Aww, how nice for you to be primped and preened like that. I felt relaxed just reading about it. :)

  2. vee, it's the greatest feeling ... i love it so much :)

  3. I love going to the hairdresser and having the whole salon experience..the wash, the condition, the cut and the style. My hairdresser gives me a scalp message..I love it.

  4. oh the scalp massage ... yesssssssssss!!!


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