Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mi esposo es muy guapo.

Yeah, I thought I'd start out this first day of 2012 with sleep deprivation, because I was too lazy to get up to the drug store and refill my nerve pills, hence there was no sleep for this mangled body last night.

Honestly, I'm good with my title of 'Most Crazed Woman of Canada' as long as I get to stay in my pajamas.

Perhaps there is an inkling of a day to be had?  Perhaps it's a double coffee day?

Even if this day doesn't turn into much, I'm pretty grateful I don't have to be anywhere in this condition.

Speaking of gratitude, I received 2 great gifts for my New Year.

One was the gift of more gratitude.

Now, I'm not going to bore you with happy, positive thinking, so don't get your panties in a wad.

It's just that it was a strange phenomenon!  When I wrote the last gratitude entry to My Gratitude Buddy, I felt it was unfinished.  I almost felt like I should keep going for a little while longer, because it has done me good.

Well, what happened was, when I received My Gratitude Buddy's last return, she asked if I was into going on for a few more weeks.

there is still time to join in, oh ye non-believer of gratitude's magic ...
But, there is still the best New Year's gift yet.

I had a wild moment in TransLand last night!

My sweet Papi is still not feeling so well.  Who knew that a hysterectomy could wreak such havoc on a body!?!?

After 3 post surgery infections, complete with 3 emergency room visits, and the cherry on top of 3 rounds of antibiotics, my love's system has had to start from scratch and reboot.


Papi is not well, to say the least.

However, the good news is, my love may get on a healthy food regime by no force of my own!

mwahahahaha!!!!!!  my positive thinking of health has made it's way to papiland!!!!!!

Anyway, that has nothing to do with my TransLand moment.  I just thought I'd throw that in there so you could have a lovely mental picture of why there haven't been any Tranny Terrorist exhibitions as of late.

Ok.  I'll get to the point now.

The point is, that even though mi esposo was not feeling so well, he's still handsome.

The moment when I saw the handsome Papi, I couldn't stop staring at my love.

Someone had seen Papi's picture change on Facebook the other day, and almost wrote, "Who's this dude?"

Everyone else gets to see the changes from week to week.  I only get day to day, so Papi doesn't really change for me.

It's too slow and gradual.

Yet still, I saw my handsome husband for a moment.

It wasn't my husbutch.

It was actually a husband.

And as Papi toddled off for another visit to the porcelain gods, my mind reverted back to mi esposo.

I don't really care which way my mind chooses to see Papi.  Point is, mi esposo es muy guapo.

Happy New Year Papi.

2012 is the year of Dominican Republic preparation!!!

Ready, set, GO!!!


  1. And a lucky soul to have your eternal love. And for my gratitude list, this year your blog was one of my true great things to find in 2011. It has inspired so much faith in the love we have within ourselves to endure and come out on the other side whole.

  2. jamie your words have made me so happy ... you really know how to make a kook feel supported

  3. Happy New Year, Andrea and Papi. May 2012 be all you wish for, and more. :) xx

  4. happy new year to you as well vee xoxo thanx for stopping by xoxo

  5. Happy new year to my 2 favorite people. Thanks for sharing your journey Andrea, your blog makes me smile and have faith to carry on.

  6. happy new year to you as well lara :) see you in a few hours xo

  7. know that you are loved as much as you love. xo

  8. Feliz año nuevo for you and Papi!

    It's been a wonderful year for me to get to meet and be honoured by my Blog friends like you. Albeit virtual, I swear our souls have met and partied sometime before.

    Salut my dearest A!

  9. phaedra, you know what, i do know that. the more love you give, the more you get. xo

    psycho, i am so grateful that you have become a friend here in cyber world. you mean a lot to me that you're here xo


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