Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I don't really have much time for a long drawn out conversation about my brain that thinks a little differently than most.

All I really have time for, is to give you a link for Papi's pics in TransLand.  I sorta slept in hehehe ...

There is some nudity, but if you've been honest about your 'wish to continue' click before you got to this blob/blab, then you're fine for taking a look at the pics.

If you're a sneaky underage person, well, guess you'll be learning what an F-M looks like.

Personally, I think that's more than ok.

But I'm not everyone's mother now, am I?

i'm pretty sure i just heard a sigh of relief from someone out there!?!?


Right HERE!

At the very right, you'll see a tab for 'more'.  From that drop down menu, there you will see 'transitioning' with the nudity warning.

Enjoy my love in his birthday suit.

Oh, that and the thigh hair I'm always going on about.

i am attracting powerfully positive people into my life


  1. You have a cute bf. :) He is hairy, O_O

    1. lol! alex, this fine specimen is my spouse xo

      and yes, hairy. his hair is in competition with my mop top i suppose

    2. oops i should have said husband or spouse. I did know it is your Papi. His face is the same except the hair on it :)


    3. no need for sorries sweety!! i have to apologize daily for 'oops i forgot' moments xo

  2. What a brave thing to do.

    What does the belly tattoo say ?

    1. heya dirty ... it says

      i drank to cope with life and almost died
      just for today my thoughts will be on my recovery
      living and enjoying life without the use of drugs

  3. Am I the only one disappointed that there's not a pic of the 5 foot clit?? :D

    What a great collection of pics! Chronicling the transition with photos is an awesome idea. Love it. Thanks for so much sharing. Beautiful. :) x

    1. vee, those pics are in another area hehehe


      it will be interesting to see. it actually has caught me now as well

  4. What glorious photos and I love the transition photos of Easton. Beautifully portrayed! Thank you for sharing! xo

    1. i'll pass it on phaedra ... ya ... lara is pretty good at capturing E's changes xo


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