Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warning: heart melting pics alert!

I'm such a fucking Negative Nelly!

See what I just did there?

I proved it in one sentence and at the same time, I insulted myself.

Nothing really new.

What is new is that I'm trying to silence the abusive voice that frequents my existence!

I was sparked with a rejuvenation of positive energy when I found the site, Positively Positive.

I've been keeping up with My Gratitude Buddy daily, but yesterday I had an idea to step things up a notch.

We're still continuing to share our gratitude list daily, and we're both starting to think more positively thanks to writing out the things we're grateful for.  However, we've decided to add in a daily mantra to focus on.

I chose today's mantra:
I'm stronger than I think.
I'll tag it at the end of my blob/blabs in case you want to join us.

I've been thinking negatively about Papi's health.  It's not going to help things if I continue reminding myself of worst case scenario.

So, for today, I'm stronger than I think.

Yesterday, not so much.

It was such a sad day for The Golden yesterday.

He had surgery to remove one helluva lump that sprouted an extra head.  It sorta looked like it was on a mission for world domination!

look at his war wound!!!!
He's getting pretty old, so of course, things are cropping up for the aged ol' One Eye.

Old man lumps, hips starting to go, less energy and the classic old dog ghost face.

He was so sick and depressed, that he didn't move from one spot.

So, I set him up with his favourite plush toy, Mr Bunny.

This is the teddy he brings out when company comes over.  When he brings you Mr. Bunny, you know he likes you.

Anyway, I set it up right by his head, and the poor ol' thing looked at it with disinterest.  Yet, within a few minutes, this is what I saw:

The old fart was cuddling his toy.

It made me so happy.

I had to get the world's sweetest close up:

Tell me your heart isn't melting!

He's feeling much better this morning.

I actually got a wag out of his tail.

There's nothing worse than a member of your Fuzzy Family feeling bad.

One thing I could live without are the fart bombs that he's overwhelming our air space with.

Good God it's rancid!

Someone bring over gas masks stat!

But at least he's feeling better, as am I, and so is Papi.

This pleases me.

I'm sure I'll have many pics of the Bucket Head effect.  But in the meantime, you can chuckle for 15 seconds of silliness with someone's Bucket Head on YouTube.

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i'm stronger than i think.


  1. You're wonderful.

    -Mr Wolf

    1. thanx mr. wolf! another positive thinking website to add to my list :) i will check it out xo

  2. Awwwww -he is such a sweet poopy... Please give him a big hug and a kiss from me. He is just one fuzzy bundle of love. I hope he has a super speedy recovery!!!!

    1. isn't he just so pathetically sweet?! now with the bucket, he's beyond sad ... he'll get used to it. it's a rite of passage in the four legged world ... they must all wear the bucket of shame.

  3. Great post, Andrea. It's funny how sometimes we can't see what everyone else sees in us. I read your posts and STRONG is the word that jumps out time and time again. :)

    1. you make me stronger vee ... by reminding me that what i feel on the inside may not be what others see in me xo

  4. I agree with Vee - you are way stronger then you realise.

    Hope your pooch is better xx

    1. i so wish i saw that person everyone else sees. one day i'll believe you all xoxo

      the one eye is feeling much better now :)

  5. Replies
    1. glad to see your face here sweety! haven't spoken to you forever ... please check your fb inbox ... i have a job for you!


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