Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Video Pics!

I'm feeling a little more coherent today.

That was worth the level 8 pain and exhaustion.  Just glad I don't have to perform like that every week, or even every month.

Regardless of how much I hurt, the video for BlueLight is going to be great!

The company Green Couch are amazing.  Their style of filming is going to give our video absolutely astounding life.

Here are a few shots:

I thought I'd share this one first, because it makes me giggle every time I look at it.

I'm not actually attached to a noose, however, this song is about Papi's male transformation, so a noose would be appropriate.

It was us looking 'upside down', which is also how I felt during the worst part of tumultuous emotions I had around my love dropping the F-M bomb.

Anyway, this is the hair that took an hour of picking, and half my conditioning products to undo.

I've never had my hair stand on end before.  I never knew it could.

I mean, you'd think I experienced my hair on end through the 6 weeks of catatonic crying over Papi's male transformation.

But no.

It was Zed the amazing hair stylist who did this with ease!

That's not a spider in my hair, even if it gives me the creeps looking at it.

These ghouly pics don't quite catch the way Green Couch was filming it.  You'll have to wait for the video to actually see the effect they were going for.

You can see Lin Gardiner in the background playing keys, but this is a better look at the two of us together:

If you look at the bottom of the pic, you'll see the company, LMG Photography.

The couple are very good friends of ours who do amazing work.  It's Meredydd Gray on makeup, and Lara Gray behind the camera stills.  They are the same friends who did our wedding pics.

They are amazing.

Here's a nice close up of Meredydd's amazing makeup job:

Yup.  I look like I belong on set for Disney.  However, I'm not sure they're keen on a gay princess with tattooed arms and full metal shrapnel on her teeth.

None-the-less, between Zed and Meredydd made such a fantastic look, I have never felt so childlike in all my adult years.  Goddamit it was so much fun!

But I know what you're waiting for.

The Dress.

Yes.  THE Dress:

Well, we didn't really get a great close up with these pics, because there was so much in the way for filming, but here it is:

There may be more shots to share with you to get a really good idea of why I worked so hard for a week to fit into it.

But for now, you get to see how absolutely frivolous I felt in this get up!

It's probably the last time I wear this gem.

My ass gave the boning in the back a run for it's money.  It slowly creeped straight through the material, jabbing me in the butt for a good 2 hours.  Not to mention I couldn't sit, because that dress would have ripped open if I did.

There's a nice war wound on my ass.

Ah, the suffering we do for our art.

thank you pain killers ... you really did a great job!!!

Or in this case, an overly absurd statement of goofiness.

But my favourite of all, was a pic of pouty me.


I do pout.

There's that spider again, only this time, it looks like I have black roots.

Anyway, these are the only shots I have to give you right now.  There's so much more, but I think I'll just wait for the end result to show you.

I can't wait for it to be edited and polished!!!!


  1. Andrea, I cannot wait to see it!! If it is as good as your last one I saw (the one Cayman posted) then we are all in for a treat, I am sure!!

    PS: A gay princess with tattooed arms and full metal shrapnel on her teeth is the best kind of Disney princess. I would pay those highway robbery high movie prices any day of the week to see that movie.

  2. oh amber, this one kicks the last one in the ass! i can't wait for you to see it :)

    yeah and i think i make a great princess hehe ...

  3. Andrea - Thanx so much for the pics!!!! I love them. You look beautiful as always and I am sure you had a ball......... I look forward to more.!!!

  4. Looks like you had so much fun. I much prefer your kind of Disney Princess, btw - at least your beauty is real! Can't wait to see the rest. :)

  5. Just WOW you are so beautiful. I love the "dress". I can't wait to see the vid ♥

  6. twister, thank you for stopping by and checking out the pics! i miss you!

    vee, i think my disney princess is better too :)

    alex, you are such a sweet friend. you always make me feel pretty :) i can't wait to show the video!

  7. Can't wait to see it. I was looking on itunes the other day for your music. I came across the most interesting Christmas songs...

  8. lol jamie!!! did you find ours? or did you just stop at the xmas music and swoon lol!

  9. I did, but it is not an easy find at iTunes. I am happy your own site is much easier to navigate. It never fails, the shit I want to find on iTunes is never right there, it's always a hunt. But they gave me a giggle:D

  10. glad you could find it! i thought i'd tell the grand pooh-bah that it was hard to find ... maybe there's something she could do :)

  11. job well done, my friend - the 'dress' is fabulous, you got your sexy body into it, and I cannot wait for the edited video! xo

  12. :) ty phaedra! it was really fun, and they're fantastic videographers!


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