Friday, March 18, 2011



We're moving things from the main floor to the downstairs so that they can start restoration of the hardwood.

We have walls and floors in our suite, but no bathroom, kitchen counters or plumbing and electricity.  We'll have to come to the dusty main floor to cook and use the bathroom, then we'll have to go up to the attic to sleep.

Well, I'll sleep, as I do it in the evenings, unlike a certain Papi vampire who sleeps with the sun.

In our downstairs suite, all our belongings will still be in boxes.  But we'll have a new couch to sit on and look at the emptiness.

Right now, my love is running around trying to salvage everything possible, as we know what happened the last time the restoration vultures came.  They took it all and we were left with nothing.

I still only have 2 boxes of clothing.  Papi has more, and it'll be strewn as disasterously downstairs as it is here on the main floor.


There's no time to deal with our drama of hurt and male transformation.

I tried last night in a very quick effort during our goodnight text.  I asked for a little Papi lovin' soon.  Hard to do when my love is either working or sleeping, but I asked.

Ok.  Here we go.  Phase 1 of moving.



  1. I hate that part of any kind of renos. We had two of the three bathrooms reno'd and the one bathroom that was free had no shower LOL
    All I remember is "where is this?" and "Mom have you seen ?" lol
    ~HUGS~ to you and Papi and I want to see pictures when this is all done :)

  2. I hate you are going through this. We've been doing it for what seems like forever!


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