Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'Pop' goes the weasel ... or me ...

I went to have my morning coffee and breakfast, and after grinding my beans, cracking 2 eggs into the pan and putting my non-dairy creamer into my wonderful coffee cup, I waited for the water to boil.

And waited.

And waited.

The eggs weren't turning white, the water wasn't boiling and when I lifted the kettle to feel the burner, it was only slightly warm.


Nothing wrong with the electricity, just a coincidence that once we're given some relief in our suite with electricity and plumbing, we now don't get to cook food.

Or rather, I don't get to cook food.  Papi isn't much of a freshly cooked food kinda person, as dinner usually consists of Oreo cookies and ice cream.  Sometimes, there's an indulgence of Eggies chocolates for dessert.

is papi secretly trying to get diabetes or a heart attack? 

I dumped the 'creamer' into a 'togo' cup and went to my favourite coffee shop on the way to my physio appointment.  I must have been really bitchy by this point, because the girl behind the counter seemed to be trying to send me some tranquility with her energy.

"Please don't dump my creamer out in the sink!  Just put the coffee in the cup with it!"

and nobody will get hurt

She smiled, "Thank you for letting me know.  A lot of the time, people don't say anything and I just dump it out and give it a rinse."

She was so sweet that I gave her a dollar tip, instead of the usual 50 cents.  They must get some real crankies in there for their first cup of the day!

As soon as I got that coffee in my throat, the world seemed a little better ...

a baby with a soother

... and I could begin to think about how I'm going to exist for the day without my steamed veggies.

Guess it's going to be a trail mix grazing and cucumbers with hummus filler kinda day.

i may truly pop

I'm going to have to get some kinda chill going on though, because Papi is even more stressed than I am, and I'm going to have to keep my love at peace.

We do this for each other.  I know that Papi needs me to help more in this round of the restoration of this house.

So, my mind goes to the conversations that make me smile in an effort to find the inner giggle to start that soothing energy to help my love get through the next few weeks.  If Papi's happy, I will be too.

Mi esposo said yesterday, "I thought you said you'd only go exploring my 5 Foot Clit in a non-sexual way."

All I could do was laugh and make reference to the blog that I posted, '*rules are subject to change without notice'.

I guess Papi didn't read the fine print.

But these are the things that make me smile when I think about my love and this journey we're on.

These are the personality traits that I fell in love with.  It always comes back to this.

I got a little more than what I was asking for in my marriage, but there's still mi esposo in there.  There's still love, laughs and communication.

Now i must go deal with contractors.

please don't pop andréa!

In all honesty, if we can get through this sewage flood without having it affect our relationship, I'm pretty sure we can get through this gender transformation.


  1. you are so strong Andrea, you can do and get through ANYTHING that is thrown your way ~HUG~

  2. I'm hoping for you that now your house is getting back together everything else starts to settle and fall into place andrea, it must be so hard trying to deal with things when you dont really have the sanctuary of home.
    Keep strong though, ladybugz is right xx

  3. @lady: ty for you confidence :)

    @dirty: i just spent an hour listening to a sander above my head lol!

    just a few more weeks ... just a few more weeks ... this too shall pass ...


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