Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is always tomorrow

I sometimes wonder how it is I don't completely go bananas.  I just bob around in the crest of my mind's wake.

I'm finding out, the majority of people on this planet do also.  Well, the people that are honest in my life anyway.

The way I see it, we're all mad.  It's just to what extent, and are we able to function this way?

When we were waiting to cross the border, there was a lunatic zealot with his sign saying "God is going to kill us all on May 21". 

wow.  that's some great 'being' you folks believe in.  nice.

As the border guard walked his sniffer dog up to my car, I sounded just as crazy as the person with the sign, "Excuse me, is that REALLY allowed?!?!"

"Yes, ma'am.  It's a public park where it's freedom of speech."

"OK, but if that was a muslim, you'd have him removed immediately.  I'm completely offended by this guy and I can't be the only one."

of course i was saying this loud enough for the zealot to hear.

I didn't let the guy just get away that easy either.  Now I had people rolling down their windows to see what the crazy lady in the SUV with a sticker that reads, 'Motorcycles are everywhere.  Open your fucking eyes!' had to say.

"And besides!  If we're all going to die on May 21st, shouldn't we be out partying it up?!?"  I got a few chuckles from the cars in my area, not to mention a little gleam in the guards eye that said, 'ok, that was funny'.

At this point, I did the most ridiculous thing I could ever have done.  The sniffer dog was coming close to me and as a knee jerk reaction, I went to pet it.

The guard immediately pulled back his best friend and yelled, "He's going to bite you if you touch him!"

I shrunk back in embarrassment.  Not because of the words, but because I should know better than to touch a dog that is working.  It was just that he was so damn pretty!!!

Papi had that gorgeous face hidden in mi esposo's strong hands.  Completely humiliated that I had said anything to the guard.

I was happy to see my love abashed, as there are many times that it has been me who's cringing.

Like for instance, when we're in the living room, and we have no curtains because of the sewage flood, and there's Papi naked as naked can be, standing full view in the mirror with that beautiful ass to the world, while shaving off mi esposo's salt and pepper hair.

on my love's head hair you perv!  i know what you were thinking!

I'll beg, "Please get away from the window!!! There's kids over there!!!"

But Papi doesn't move.  No, my love just laughs and says, "Nobody's looking."

I shrink as far down in my chair as possible.  I wouldn't want the neighbours to think that I had anything to do with this behavior.

So, yes, we give it back and forth.  It's just usually me who's being tortured with the impish being my love is.

Yesterday was 'tomorrow'.  That day I was hoping would come fast.  That day that made me feel happier than the last.

I felt so good, that the fear of driving left, and I sped down the highway smiling at the lack of anxiety I felt.  Normally, I'm terrified on the road and drive so slow it makes Papi crazy.

Oh, not today.


I got pulled over for a speeding ticket.

It made me smile.  It was a hurdle I jumped.  My P.T.S.D. just may be leaving the building.

Yesterday's day was a good day.  Full of action, love, and chuckles.

I wonder what my next tomorrow will bring?


  1. I will keep you wondering what tomorrow will bring, but I'll let you in on what today brought you: a hug! (from me)

  2. Glad you had a good day. Whatever tomorrow brings, you can handle it. :)

  3. @border ... ty for the virtual hug

    @bio ... ty for the encouragement

    you're both wonderful friends xo

  4. Tomorrow always brings surprises and that is why it is called a gift :)
    Everyone loves gifts so you will love whatever tomorrow brings you :)

  5. I hope tomorrow brings you more bravery! :)


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