Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A quick hello ... back in Vancouver


I don't understand why I'm constantly attracting the energy of being close to death on the road.  What kind of cosmic force wants me to lay dead on concrete?

I suppose it is an ok way to die, but I never do.  I just get crumpled and have to fight back to strength again.

Drove up to Summerland with my mother, and a semi-trailer tried to take us off the road, because he didn't feel like gearing down behind the slower one ahead of him.  He decided it was better to take the little car off the road.

We were just lucky enough that my mom managed to pull to the side and brake in time.  Inches would have had us trapped between the curb divider and truck.

Guess who was on the truck's side?

Yeah, me, the road target.

for fucks sakes!  seriously!?

Coming back down, a lovely spring blizzard to deal with on the Coquihalla Connector.

I think I'm done with the highway for a while.


Waiting for my love to come back from Seattle again to bring our new couch and bathroom medicine cabinet.

No, that's not very exciting, to you, my imaginary friend, but to me, it's wonderful.

Back to my internet that actually allows me to open this blog site and back to my house of furry critters that are staring me down for food.

And my love ... 2 more hours ...


  1. Well I for one am glad you made it back alive. Sheesh, some drivers have no respect for the fact that we need you around. I'm glad you will be getting three wonderful things...A couch a medicine cabinet and your love.
    Your friendly invisible on break from blogging Borderline. Missed ya!

  2. hi my dear!!! i'm so happy to hear from you! i would love to chat to you in person ... you should be able to email me from here ... if not i'll give it to you.

  3. Oh you have to take a pic of your new couch! I am so jealous that you get a new one LOL
    So sorry about the idiot drivers out there.. I just wanna put each trucker in a lil car and let me behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler and scare the crap outta them! It will give them some appreciation I hope!

  4. Ugh, old people tried to take me out last year. 87 year old woman decided to turn into the side of my car while I was going 60mph. I actually didn't even get a scratch! Seatbelt, FTW!
    Glad you are back!!


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