Friday, March 4, 2011

Humour: The breath of life.

So, I go to this meeting.

It's for the Queer Arts Festival where BlueLight and HECTOR have both been invited to play for a night of electronic mayhem.

The meeting was strictly for us to see what we needed for this night and to find out if the board of Pride In Art can afford to put this gala on.

Normally, I'm the treasurer on the board, but this day I was just an artist.

Only one person on the board knows my stabbing secret, she was there.  The other person we were meeting with is the very person I've been terrified of; scared that she doesn't understand my grieving, as she's the one who lost her wife in that tragic accident.

She has been sweeter than syrup in every interaction, and yet, I have remained frightened.

Until this meeting.

I had my one of my very best pals from the Trust List to go in with, armed with smiles and strength.

I was happily upbeat, and then there was a conversation about her anxious dog.

i so want to be friends with this little creature ... don't you know i'm the biggest dog fan in the world?!?!?

"She's great with other animals, but people are the problem.  Women are ok, males she doesn't like and she has horrible transphobia."

I looked straight at her and said, "That makes two of us."

We all laughed.

i watched the elephant leave the room.

This person of fear placed her hand on my lap and said, "Oh no, and there's you with your husband now."

"Yup.  But we're not going into that right now.  I'm having an OK day."

Conversation was ended.

Air in the room was MUCH lighter and I sat in awe of myself, yet again.

one day, i'll learn as to just who i am ...  who IS this person?!? 

Humour has always been a way to deal with my angst.  However, it only comes after I've gotten to a point where I'm functioning.

There was no humour when I was in the pit of doom, keeping my life distilled in the La-Z-Boy padded cell.

There is laughter now.

It's all I can really ask for in this existence.  To me, all that matters in this science experiment of life is happiness.

Well, that and the calendar with those transgendered F-Ms to be removed.

papi you truly are an imp.

Remember that picture that has scarred me for life?  I have the feeling that it's in there, as when Papi took a look at April, there was a shocked look, then, "How about we just don't switch the calendar for April?"

A wave of nausea hit and my legs could have collapsed right there in the hallway.

I won't be the curious cat and look at it to prove my theory right.  I'll just replace it with the happy animal calendar that is behind it.

Oh, Papi.  You torment me so.


  1. Andrea, I have left you something on my blog. Hopefully it makes you smile.

  2. Fucking elephants - always poking their trunks where there not welcome.
    Glad you got rid of that big fat grey bastard :)

  3. Awe I wanna go to the Queer Arts Festival! That seems like it would be a lot of fun! =]

  4. @border :) ty ... you're so very sweet

    @dirty ... it sulked as it left the room ... threatening to make an appearance at a later date in time! bastard.

    @adrian ... come on up, or over, or however you can to get here ... it's so wonderful xo

  5. Andrea one of these days I think you will figure out just what an amazing person you are. You are stronger, funnier, quicker on your feet, and a better teacher than I think you know. But then you might stop posting moments like these, because you won't surprise yourself. So figure it out, but take your time. It's a great journey to read.

  6. darling,
    how 'bout i send you a picture of me? you can put it up in April's position. ok?
    i love you. i hope you know that. and just now...JUST NOW...i remembered that i have your number! i can text you. DAMN! i can CALL you! and i may. i just may. so i can hear your voice, and you can hear mine. and i can tell you all about how rad you are. and how your love for Easton is admirable. and how YOU are admirable.
    love you.


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