Thursday, March 31, 2011

Comparatively Speaking ...


He's a crafty little fella.

We realized that he probably came in through the toilet hole.  Our home has had 2 separate toilet holes to choose from.

We came to this conclusion when we got a panicked phone call from the worker who was already freaked out about this rat.  What the rat had done next completely had him in a tizzy.

"Did you get my note about the rat?!?!  He's gone down your toilet hole!!  I've covered it up so he can't get back up again.  You have to have him out before the plumber comes tomorrow!!"

It was so hard not to laugh.

We figure now that he's gone back into the hole, and he can't get back up again, that maybe he'll trudge through the sewage bowels of our Upper West Side neighbourhood and find another house to go explore.  There's a few ones being built and renovated down the road.

There have been no more cats hunting, so I suppose he's just had enough of the noise in this house, not to mention The Mrs. coming at him. 

such a good little hunter when she wants to be ...

In the meantime, the next hurdle of the week is to deal with Papi's top surgery.  My love is in the process of booking the appointment and flight.

"What's more important to you, our wedding anniversary in July or your Birthday and CD Release Party in June?"

the birthday and party happen to fall in the same 24 hours ...

Papi doesn't know which one to miss if the booking arises. 


At least with the anniversary, we can actually postpone the celebration.  But the release party is another story.  Can't really ask 200 people if they can just change the day, not to mention the club.  No, they won't be changing anything.

So, my love has to make a decision of which to choose.  Mi esposo is considerately thinking about what these dates mean to me.  They both have different meanings for me, and I'm lucky to have a love in my life who isn't selfish.

This goes for me not only thinking about myself either.  I do see how much this means to my love and I'm doing everything I can to be more supportive as time goes on.

We're married.  It's not just about me and my grief.  It's also about mi esposo's joy.

Papi is thrilled.  Overly ecstatic.  I'm happy that Papi is feeling this way, and I have to keep my emotions in check about it.

First of all, my love will have to go without me.  This kills me.  I want to be there to take care of mi esposo.  As much as we have wonderful friends who could jump in as surrogate, I still don't like the idea of me not being the caretaker.

Then there's the thought of my love leaving me with breasts, and coming back with scars.

That idea I have of Papi just changing overnight is hard.  It makes me think about the fear of those 6 weeks in the pit of doom.  I really couldn't handle my 'wife' just leaving all of a sudden and being replaced with a pseudo 'husband'.

I've learned that this is a slow process and that I will have time to get used to every step that is taken.

But what about when my love comes home without breasts?

That's a pretty drastic change to have happen overnight.  Well, it's going to feel like overnight, but really, it's 10 -14 days I'll be away from my love.  We haven't been apart that long since we started dating.

Anyway, I guess that's why a rat just doesn't seem like a big deal.

It's pretty tiny in comparison, really.


  1. Rats are sweet little animals! As long as they are not wild rats...

    but if he went down your toilet... you can just flush?

  2. i love rats :) but this one IS wild ... so he won't love us ...

    we're amidst a flood restoration and there's only a toilet hole, no toilet, no water ... so he just crawled on down to another place.

    don't know if he's coming back lol! got so many things to do to get ready for the next phase of the restoration that i just can't deal with the critter! lol!


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