Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You dirty rat!

I guess I just tried to ignore that there is a rat in our house.

There are other more pressing deeds to deal with.

However, there is no denying it when the construction workers tell you to take care of it.  It scared the shit out of one of them.

hehehe ... can't help but laugh at his dismay, sorry

So, up I go in search of the rat.  Couldn't find the little bugger, and all the while the guy was telling me how big he was and that he came from the vents.

don't worry mr. man ... i'm here to save ya!

Funny thing is, last night we heard him in the vents, but we thought it was the smallest of cats on an ad-VENT-ure.

sorry had to say it.

Up the stairs I trod to go find The Mrs. (aka Princess, aka Nook), parading the floor with dirt from one end to the other.


She was in the vents.

But, what we didn't know is WHY she was in the vents.  She was a huntin'!!!

She's a pretty good mouser, but by how the construction guy explained it, I'm afraid this rat may be bigger than her.

I went to one place to ask about rat traps and they gave me all kinds of options of killing it.

"Wait, no!  I don't want to kill it!  Can't we do this in a way that won't hurt it?  I just want to bring it to some other neighborhood and let it terrorize someone else!"

like perhaps my ex?  mwahahahaha

She looked at me like I was a bit loopy.  But damn!  I just want him out.  Not dead.

They didn't have the 'live traps' and suggested before I even get a trap, I have to find out where it's coming in, or we'll have more.

I don't know about that.  I'm thinking, it's a one off.  We've never had it before, and I'm sure he's the only one.

Let's hope it's a 'he' and not a 'she' laying babies around.

Anyway, I'm sitting here looking at some lazy fucking cats.  For chrissakes!!!  Get off your ass and do something!

I'm going to have to go look for holes now.  I hope he doesn't jump out to get me.  I don't need to be screaming bloody murder again with visions of rapists dancing through my head.

I thought I'd let you know though, 'you' had me worried these last few days, my imaginary friend.  I thought you'd left me!

Turns out blogger had an issue and wasn't showing 'you' reading.  I'm just glad I had some comments to have me know that someone was out there.

I love comments by the way.

Always feel free to leave word.  I feel less lonely in this world when you do.

a huntin' i will go ... a huntin' i will go ... on my way to catch a rat, a huntin' i will go


  1. I noticed that glitch also, even though I had some comments during the time I had "no traffic".

    I can't believe your cats haven't taken care of the rat yet! That should be a treat for them :) Just so you know, I love reading your blog, and read every day that you update. I feel you are a kindred soul.

  2. aw jez ... it's so nice when people feel the same as me ... it just makes it so much easier to be at peace with myself xo

    as for the cats!?!?! they're one hairball away from being evicted!!!!!!

    good fur nuttin!

  3. LOL I had a couple of hairballs that would be lazy as anything until 3am and then they would do the Indy 500 around the house LOL I ended up having to move my bed because I was a corner on their turnpike and it really doesn't feel good when you have several cats launching on you and then launching themselves off you on to the floor LOL We had a great mouser at one point but after a while she would bring me gifts ... of socks and underwear LOL She finally found a home with an older couple! (oh i should say I am a foster mom to sick and injured animals that how come I had so many cats at one time!)
    I always read about your day because you are so awesome and kind and loving!

  4.'s a rat !, it's disease carrying vermin.
    KILL IT before your cats try to and end up catching something from it.

  5. oh yeah ... i forgot about the disease part lol!

    ok ... maybe it is a little more important than fretting over other stuff

    thanx for the reality check dirty :)


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