Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The big day!

You know when you have an important goal in mind and a date set to it?

For instance, quitting smoking, starting a diet, going back to the gym etc.  We usually give it a Monday or the first of a month.

Well, since the sewage flood, we've had the wrath of Mondays and month beginnings as times we're told we'll have our home put back together.

For the past 5 weeks, we've been told all our belongings would be back on 'Monday' so many fucking times I'm beginning to feel like I'm re-experiencing a dead beat dad.

Never showing up.

I just want my king size bed.  I want my favourite yoga mat.  I want a choice of clothing other than these fucking jeans I've been wearing for 4 and a half months straight.

Mind you, since the most recent re-injury, I may have to lose a few pounds to get back into my sexy jeans.

maybe i'll start monday?

I also figured out that my experience in the bathtub in the bathroom with no door became a conversation piece for the restoration workers.

One of them announced, "OK!  You have a bathroom door now!" and the houseful of workers all laughed.

yup ... my panicked 'don't come in i'm naked!!!!' moment must've been a fun hoorah for you buggers

I think what's going on with Papi and I is really surrounded by this being let down every Monday to have our lives back in order.

Ever since the great 'pajama attack', Papi thinks my sarcasm is sensitivity and I think my love is a bit too cranky for my liking.

Well, yesterday mi esposo had a reason for the crankies I guess.


My love got braces!  I get mine in two days, that gives me a few days lead of teasing Papi about the funny face that's going on.  The head start of silliness makes me happy.

HECTOR has a CD release party in June.  I'm going to be singing through the braces.


Oh god.  Here's the cleaners.  Back for the last of the final clean.

Gimme my fucking bed already!

Wait!  What's this I see!??!?!



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