Saturday, April 23, 2011


Psycho Kitty had to go on valium, because he's truly bloodthirsty.

After the first dose of drugs administered to the Psyhco Kitty, Papi says, "He seems better!"

I snicker and reply, "It's all in your head.  It's like the same thing as you saying you have a moustache now because of the hormones."

Oh, I received the stink eye on that one.  I like to rib my love in the same way Papi will bring out the Tranny Terrorist every once in a while.

There may be a little more of a caterpillar on that lip, and Papi's excited about it.  But a moustache, no.

In terms of Psycho Kitty, maybe he's not acting like a homicidal freak, digging his claws into us in an effort to get past the human barrier to kill my cats.  So, it's an improvement. 

hey i have an idea ... how about valium for everyone!?!?!

We could all use a little of that relaxing magic pill.

The Golden one eye might be less neurotic, Sir Bark-a-Lot, the chihuahua, might stop shaking, The Bastard Prince might stop hunting for food non-stop and The Mrs. might stop hiding from affection and actually allow us love and be a cat for fucks sakes!

Papi would enjoy the mellow.  And me?  The valium might take me down a notch as well.  Especially after seeing a certain 'someone' requesting 'friend' status on my Facebook account. 

i obsess.

I have a few questions before I press 'accept', so I answered with an email: i have to say, i'm surprised to see you here ... i'm not sure what i did to make you not want to have anything to do with me for years, but i do have to say that it hurt.

i'd love to hear from you in honesty, and whatever i did i can take responsibility for it ... take care

But was it really something I did?  Or was he just following the orders of The Beast.

I waited and was pre-occupied by checking my inbox between every task I did all day, overstimulated with curiosity. 

where's that valium?

I was fully consumed in waiting to find out if he flipped sides and chose to believe the lies of The Beast. 

i could see them in the bar drinking, laughing over my dismay.

He wasn't one of those revolting people leaning on the balcony, staring down at me in triumph after seeing me come 'home' to my belongings having been packed for me.  He helped me move my gems to storage after they were sitting in the hall.  But what happened?

Did you listen to her lies?  Did you believe the reasoning she gave you as truth?  Did you become one of the sheep who followed, and terrorized me, leaving me homeless that day?

Are you one of them?  Or are you truly a friend?

maybe you're a mole sent to find out if my life improved or got worse so there can be more laughs

Wait!  There it is!  A returned email! 

now we'll find out!   **rolls up sleeves ready for a fight**


Life seems to have happened to him as well and he had to leave the country.  Oh dear, there I go again, envisioning the worst for 3 years.

Well, looks like we'll be getting together for a catch up.  Looks like he'll be trusted friend once more.

God I'm nuts.

When Papi woke up from the graveyard coma and asked what I did today, I replied, "Obsessed all day."

I hear a giggle and, "Oh, that sounds nice."


  1. I'm still leery of 'friends' like that, that come back after awhile without no real explanation. Trust doesn't come back that easy for me.
    Kudos to you if you can do that. I hope you don't get screwed.

  2. you know what? there is still a part of me who will not completely trust ... he let me go pretty easy as a friend, i know people are capable of doing it again.

    so, don't worry ... i won't get screwed, because if he were to dump me again, it wouldn't hurt as much as it did last time ... i'm a different person than the one he left ...


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