Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chapter Three: Ella

I've had to save a life from heroin overdose before, and seeing this man doing the funky chicken looked very similar to the one that almost died in my arms.

What was more terrifying though, was the fact that there was a four legged life with him whose leash was being yanked every time he jerked with the drugs' power of involuntary seizures.

"Oh my god sweety, we have to pull over to see if they're both ok!"

Papi reversed as all the street dwellers wondered what we were doing in their area.

I jumped out disregarding any imminent danger that could possibly be in this space.

save the dog, save the guy 

I was mostly worried about the dog.  I know what to do with the guy, but this poor little friend was so scared.

Papi was in the sidelines, securing our car from theft and taking stock as to who was around us.

My love works with all these people and knows that they are opportunists.  The scariest of all are the meth-heads.  They will kill you in a moment of paranoia.

It was clear that this man was on heroin, but those around us could be on anything.

I kept speaking to the man, trying to get his attention, asking him anything to keep his mind from falling into a coma and slipping away permanently.

The only thing that got his attention was one statement I said in anger, "Dude, you're hurting your dog!!"

He snapped out of his fit and you could see the moment of clarity in his eyes, "How?"

"You keep yanking on her leash and it's choking her."  I knew her name was Ella.  One of the street dwellers told me.

I kept holding Ella's leash and keeping the restraint so that she wasn't being tugged anymore.  At this point, Papi had secured the car and taken stock of who was around.  Now my love had the dog's leash taken away from this man, so Ella was safe.

I noticed a few things about our overdosing man; first off, he had a hospital bracelet on.  He'd obviously been in within the past 24 hours, as the plastic was clean and undisturbed.  His name was on this bracelet, allowing me to speak his name and get his attention better.

What else I noticed?


He had braces on his teeth!  This man is a new member of the streets.  People don't have braces down here.  You don't get braces unless you have a fortunate life and you are trying to better yourself.

"Donavan, I'd like to take you and Ella home so that you'll both be safe.  Can we get you home?  These people will take your dog and take your wallet.  Do you have your wallet?"

His seizuring continued between words and moments of seeing us in front of him.

It took us quite some time, but we did get Ella into the car, and that prompted Donavan to get there too.

He was flipping around in our back seat, and between the wiggling, I would manage to get small amounts of directions as to where to bring them home.

My main concern was the dog.  I was ready to steal Ella, and tell this jerk that when he got his shit together, I'd return her.

When we got to his home, his very waif-like girlfriend answered the door and Donavan and Ella both went in.

ok ... the dog is alright, the guy is in and now we can continue on our venture.

Papi and I got back in the car a little bit speechless.  It was a quiet ride to the Sexy Sauna Party.

Chapter four begins with the hardest part of my day.  The last part of the day to get through.

This truly is a day worth remembering.


  1. Yikes! I don't know if I could have done what you did....

  2. my journey has taken me to nasty places and this is why i'm able to do it ... papi and i are both the types to help those ... i was mostly worried about the sweet dog though ... people, we can't help unless they want it, but animals? it's our responsibility to help them.

    i'm still so sad for her

  3. Now that's a moment that I call priceless. Not everybody could have done what you did for the man and his dog Ella.
    Your heart is so loving and compassionate.
    I honestly believe it will take a millions meteors to break that one apart.

  4. I could have saved that dog alright but I could not have let it stay with Donavan...no way in hell would that dog have stayed with him. As for Donavan, he has to save himself :(
    Just getting out of your car in a neighborhood like that would give me the willy's....not sure I could have done that...

  5. @psycho, sometimes i feel this big mushy heart is the problem. too much to give. i'm just grateful after all the experiences i've had that it has stayed that way

    @framma, i have to say it took me days to finally let go of the fact that i couldn't take in that dog. i believe ella will be ok, even if she's with the waif girlfriend.

    as for the neighbourhood, well, sometimes i can have blinders on when it comes to saving someone. ella gave me blinders. i hope donavan really does find a better life as well ...

  6. When it comes to animals like that, I would have taken her and thought about where to put her later! lol She would have had a better life though, I would have made sure of that, even if it were not a life with me.

  7. i plan on doing drives past to keep an eye on her well being. she did look well cared for, so the girlfriend is probably going to be the care taker.

    i know i could find a place for her. even if it was in our home with already 6 animals ... i'll be sure to let you know updates :)


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