Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chapter Five: You Gonna Sit On That Ass?

As my love and I walked back to our locker, Papi said, "If you need to touch other women's breasts, I'm ok with that."

"You don't get it!  I don't want their breasts.  It means nothing to me to touch another's breasts.  That would be empty.  It's yours that I want."

"But you haven't even touched mine since November."

"I know.  It's because they're not mine to have anymore.  I need to grieve them leaving, and I need to get used to not having them."

"But wouldn't you want to spend as much time with them as you can?"

"No.  I need to mourn their loss.  I can't touch them.  They're not mine to enjoy."

I don't know that Papi will ever get it.  I'm not even sure if I get it myself.  I feel like the moment I was told they're leaving, they were just a figment of my imagination.

With all the gorgeous breasts at the Sexy Sauna Party, I couldn't even look at them like they were anything other than monsters there to haunt my weak mind.

Never in my life have I had this feeling of doom from such a beautiful object of femininity.

We got back to our locker and I began to put my clothes on so we could leave, and I hear, "Hold on!  Where do you two think you're going?!"

Oh god.

It was my Trust List birthday dyke, and she was holding her weapon.

We knew what was coming next.  We both looked at each other with 'uh-oh' on our faces.  This woman can be mean with her toys.

Papi thought that lying down and taking the ass welting smacks would save me.  I knew this wasn't the way it worked.

But my love laid down anyway and Papi got the stick.

My love had a red ass that I just couldn't stop laughing at, and then when finding out that I still would have my turn, my love said, "But I thought that if I took it my wife wouldn't!!"

"Oh hell no!  You think that's how it works?  I know your lovely wife would lie down for me.  Come on then.  Over my knee miss.  You get the hand."  She crooked her finger at me and I obeyed.

Papi was indignant, "Wait!  How come she gets the hand and I got the stick?!?"

"Because you were stupid enough to think that taking it would save her."

I squealed in my soprano voice with every burn her hand applied to my skin.  When it was all over, my ass was as red as the little bikini that cradled it.  But it was warm and swollen in such a way that I liked it.

The masochist in me was pleased.

When we left with our matching brace faces and matching red orbs, the first one to hug me when we had entered the sauna was the last one to see me off.  I simply touched her shoulder and gave a sweet, 'goodbye'.

No hug.

Papi asked me why I didn't hug this person.

"From now on, I'm saving my hugs for those who care."

I didn't speak for the rest of the ride home.  The day was so incredibly jam packed full of tears, love, terror, strength, and anything else that you can add in.

This was truly a day of all days.  This ends the story of the longest day in history.

I can do without that much entertainment for a while.


  1. wow, There's a lot of pain in this. You brought me somewhere I'd never imagined. It's a strange trip for me because there's humor also.

    I can feel what you're writing. this is very good.

  2. rafa, if i don't approach all of this with humour, i'll never get where i'm going.

    thank you for your words :)

  3. I always feel the need to touch other breasts. It's just one of those nervous habits, like shaking your leg or biting your nails... At least, that's what I tell myself.

  4. I don't know how you made it TO that party much less made it through it! You're way more brave than I am...
    My fists would have been flying throughout this whole day and my mouth would have been going a mile a minute and it would not have been pretty, let me tell you.
    Love and hugs to you!

  5. @heckle, feel free to take over the reigns from me. i'll alert the masses :)

    @framma, that 5 chapter day was epic. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, eh?


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