Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who wears the pants?

Pain killers.

They bruise my brain.

After my codeine coma yesterday, I slept a full nights sleep as well.  Knocked me right out.

When I woke up this morning, I didn't really feel like my regular routine of breakfast.  All I wanted was my coffee, and to talk to 'you', my imaginary friend.

I ground my beans, cleaned out my french press and added those lovely chocolately looking granules to the now empty urn.  I started the water boiling and prepared my mug with non-dairy creamer and stevia sweetener.


All I have to do is watch the water boil.

Eventually, the whistle blew and I jumped to action.  I poured the water into my creamer.


Something looks wrong here.

Oh fuck ya.

ummm ... last i checked, water goes in the bodum ...

Instead of starting fresh with pouring out the creamer and trying again, I poured the watered down creamer right into my french press with my beans.

oh fuck.

Now instead of starting fresh from there, I decided to press the beans anyway.  It doesn't go down as quickly as it normally would, so I had to press really hard.

Well, the urn did something it's never done before.  Coffee went spewing out the spout and all over the floor, walls and counter.

ah ... but there's still enough for a cup at least.

Upon pouring the blend into my mug, I watched little pieces of coffee beans flow into that vessel of joy.

I am now drinking a coffee that is not it's usual flavour.  Not it's usual colour.

This is not my coffee.

I'm just so mushy in the brain that I just don't care.  I just want to sit here and hope the coffee and litre of water wake up this T3 and muscle relaxant infused brain.

I won't need those lovely little pills today.  Doing a lot better.  However, I won't have Papi to entertain me, as my love's Graveyard Coma is in full swing.

You should have seen my love putting up the curtains in our living room.  Papi has never worked with drywall before.  Our home used to be paneling before the sewage flood.  So, I had the pleasure of watching Papi use drywall anchors for the first time.

My love got the hole ready and then proceeded to push the anchor through the hole.  And I mean push through the hole.

I heard it drop to the ground behind the wall, and then a look from Papi, "Now what?"

oh my

Fortunately, my blood was completely filled with the codeine and I could now move.  I got up and showed mi esposo how to do it.

then this femme smiled at the fact that we are amazing creatures ... who da man!

I think I may be supervising the rest of the fixin's done to our home.

But for today ... rest ...


  1. hope you feel better today :)

    it is early sunday morning where i am.

  2. i do feel better my dear thank you :)

    it's saturday night and i'm ready to pass out ... i hope you're doing very well today also ... sorry you had a rough one the other day ... chat to me whenever you need to k?

  3. Oh, my, lol, Some days you just gotta shrug and make so. I would never tire of laughing watching the DIY show at your house.

  4. I have instant coffee first thing - plenty of times I forget to put the coffee in the mug though and make myself a lovely cup of hot milky water. Yumm.

  5. I've added you to my reading list. Awesome blog. See ya around TCS..Mike

  6. Rest easy sweetie. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

  7. @jamie ... there was more entertainment last night

    @dirty ... it's the first time i've screwed up on coffee ... coffee is my saviour ... but i now join your group of hot milky water

    @mike, welcome :)

    @psycho ... it's going to be a rough one, yikes!


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