Monday, April 11, 2011

What just happened here?

Got it out of my system.

Sometimes it's good to let 'er rip, eh?

I'm feeling much better now.

However, I'm seriously pondering the video documentation for this experience.  Papi is so excited about the top surgery and I'm just getting by.  It really does need to be out there along with the Rah-Rah-Tranny version.

I really do write to 'you', my imaginary friend to get it out, but I know there would be a different feeling to actually bring those words out of my mouth.

It was such an emotional day yesterday.  My tattoo was finished, and that should have made me happy, but when we finally made our way from Seattle and through the Marysville Monsoon ...

seriously.  does it have to pour like that EVERY fucking time we got through?!?!

... we got home and I became very sensitive.  Papi became very cranky.

Not a good mixture.  My love was stressed about the things lying around and the fact that all our belongings will be delivered the next day.  But, I felt like it was only MY stuff that was bothering my love.  I also took things the wrong way and it wound up being one of those arguments in a relationship that are absolutely comical.

I watched Papi pick up the items I'm giving away and put them in another spot.  My love walked past me and I took the look wrong and asked, "What was the stink eye look for?!"

"Nothing!  I didn't give you stink eye!"

Next I hear Papi, "Are you wearing your pajamas?"  Which I took as in, will you wear them tonight?

I answered yes.

This may sound all good, but here's where it actually gets funny.

My love and I both had a cleaning from our dentists and both received new toothbrushes.  I opened mine and realized it was Papi's favourite colour.  So, I bellowed from the bathroom, "Honey where's your new toothbrush?"  I wanted to swap it with Papi's.

My love's devil horns grew and a forked tongue came wagging out, "WHAT HONEY!?!?!?!"

I shrunk in the bathroom, "Ummm ... nothing," I said with a meek tiny voice.

"THANK YOU!" said my love in such a way that I knew I shouldn't say much more.

I proceeded into the room to slip on my flannel lovelies and couldn't find them.  "Can I speak?" I sarcastically asked my love.

"Yeah, of course!"

So, I launched into a pms/over emotional feelings about the video/exhaustion from four hours of sitting in a tattoo chair.

"Where did you put my pajamas, and why are you attacking my pajamas?!?"

"Uh, what?"

"You attacked my pajamas for lying around, but everything else is lying around the fucking place, so why is it such a problem that my pajamas are lying out when we have no furniture to put anything into and it's not just my pajamas?!?!"

As it was coming out of my mouth, I realized it was absolutely crazy.  My love was trying not to laugh at the silliness of it, because it was obvious that I was upset, but to ask why my pajamas were attacked?

Yeah, the prodding went on until I finally got out that I just wanted to give my love the toothbrush colour that would be appreciated, yet Papi got snarky and I put it all on my pajamas.

We eventually laughed, both apologized and when I went to bed I texted my love, 'my pajamas forgive you'.


Sometimes, emotions can absolutely make my brain explode with insanity.

You know though, my love understands.  We're both a perfect match of crazy.


  1. HA! I love retarded arguments!

  2. totally!

    at least i can laugh at myself :)

  3. LOL! Poor thing, you are losing it. :p :)

  4. Just sweet. Don't forget to laugh about it after.
    Laughter saves a lot. :)


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