Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, I don't have much time today ...

which is a good thing ... we all know what too much time alone with my mind does to me ...

... but I did want to drop by and tell you how exciting my day is.

I've been approved for medicinal marijuana, so I may be able to let go of the horrid, pharmaceutical company chemicals that I take, for the never ending pain from the motorcycle accident almost 3 years ago.

It might be a day to say, "Goodbye morphine, codeine and percocet!!" and, "Hello!!" to nature's BFF of the hippies.

Can't hurt to try.

I may be overly optimistic that this will ease my pain, but who cares!  It just might work.

Anyway, more importantly, I also get to see a friend today, and she has a puppy.

A puppy people!

I know you're jealous.


  1. I love puppies!!!! Lucky you. Also, make sure you have a new tie dyed shirt to wear when using your new medicine!!! ;) Today sounds like a good day! :)

  2. lmao! i'll have to do a quick tie die job and make sure my hair is matted ... damn! i already showered!!!

  3. ps. I must say that when I saw the title of this entry - this is not what I expected! :D

  4. lmao twister! i knew it would catch people ... imagine the 'argh's i must've received from people who have never checked my blog out before eh?

    hehehe xoxo

  5. morphine, codeine, and percocet? Please tell me they're not the only drugs you take for your nerve pain.

    All the best with the mj - what a progressive country you live in! :)

  6. no ... they're only for the pain.

    i take amitriptyline for the nerve pain ... but those 'pain' killers don't do anything for me.

    i just need to move around ya know? once i can move again, i'm hoping to get back to moving around ya know?

  7. I know how difficult it is to move around when you're in pain. Bit of a vicious circle that one. I was in a wheelchair for several months after my accident and was also put on Amitriptyline for nerve pain as well as diazepam (Valium) for it's anti-spasmodic benefits. So yeah, you need to get moving in order to get moving, lol. I had extensive physiotherapy for about 18 months and I believe that is what helped me in the end. I also had to do laps in the pool using a kickboard. I was not allowed to use my arms to swim or raise my arms above my head for fear of further nerve damage. My accident was in 2003 and I'm pain-free and limp-free now. I hope you are able to achieve the same results. :) x

  8. ooh ... i have to email you about this vee ... thank you :)

  9. As a long time weed smoker I can tell you it has many benefits.
    Including horniness.

    Did you know that Queen Victoria use to drink cannabis tea for period cramps ? Fact.

  10. nice fact dirty! i have cannabis iced tea waiting for the next level 8 pain


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