Thursday, August 4, 2011

this moment brought to you by the letters W,T,F

It's a strange phenomenon.

You know how men just can't help but stare at breasts?  Or more precisely, cleavage?

I get it now.

Papi parades around topless and all I can do is stare at The Great Breast Disappearance.

It's so damn weird.

I can talk to Papi about 'who knows what' and my eyes leisurely gravitate lower, and lower to the nipples that seem much happier than they were a month ago, not to mention the scars that look less ablaze.

My love is using serum meant to diminish the scarring.  Every morning, when mi esposo comes home from the graveyard shift, it's applied with love after the, "Yikes that's cold!!!" healing water cleans off the area.

I actually haven't seen the wreckage (or lack thereof) for a few days, as the morphine oblivion has had me in quite the state of lassitude.

However, after my IMS treatment yesterday, I haven't had to take the nasty drugs that make me look like a hippy from the 70's, with meager slits for eyes and a pseudo-grin.

dude, pass me another ...

All I've needed to are my usual muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories.

Hence, today when I got up, I had a glimmer of the spirit of Andréa, and there they were.

The flattened, AWOL breasts in all their glory.

As I speak to Papi, my eyes keep lowering without my intention.

I stare.

I look back up at my love and again my eyes start falling like a moose in quicksand.



And bingo!


Man nipples to be exact.

What the hell?  I just can't keep from staring at them.

Well, there is one thing that will keep me from staring at them.

Papi using the brand new beard trimmer.

Here's another unavoidable casualty for my eyes to lay upon.

My love now has what is a small mass of fur at the chin's end.

Just at the tip.

Can't really call it a beard, but there's something there and it actually is growing on me.

hehehe ... sorry ... couldn't resist ...

I'm not sure what's happening to me, but I do believe I'm starting to either a) get used to it, b) am entertained by it, or c) thinking it's kinda cute.


It actually doesn't offend me, and it suits Papi.

again, WTF?!? and who just said that?!?

So there stands my love in the bathroom mirror, shaving and trimming so that it looks like an intentional mass at the chin's end, and I watch.

I watch mi esposo making it look perfect.

I don't cringe.

I smile.

who is this person?!?

Honestly, because it's on Papi, I don't mind it.

Is this what they call unconditional love?


  1. YES. You've found what we all hope to find. Unconditional love for an imperfect person who loves you unconditionally in return, despite your imperfections. :)

  2. tricia, i truly am lucky to have found this ... i hope this is true in your love too xo

  3. This is so sweet ♥ It's true love...

  4. I had no Idea how much work there was in trimming and shaping facial hair! I'm in the washroom much longer now and I swear I may take longer then A to get ready!!
    Love you my beautiful Lady :->

  5. you do spend more time there baby ... i want my bathroom back. xo

  6. wow, that was very nicely put. new here but i thought that was sweet....

  7. thank you slyde :) and welcome :)

  8. Aww... yes sweetie, it's called Love and loving unconditionally! Sweet, sweet post. Made me smile and it's still on my face.

  9. @psycho & dirty, my friends, i'm grateful you have been here through the turbulence, but also through the growth


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